Jonestown Not A Mass Suicide Pt 1 – Neil Sanders

0 Jonestown Not A Mass Suicide Pt 1   Neil SandersNeil gives us the chronology of events that in no way suggest any mass suicide took place. In part 2 Jonestown is considered along with other cults.

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  • dbloodline says:

    We are the result …
    We are the result of our REAL leaders and handlers… I felt what you felt when i started reading a lot about the occult when i was a kid.

  • TheRelihunter says:

    Where can we see …
    Where can we see the part 2 ?

  • TheRelihunter says:

    Part of this info …
    Part of this info was already know by Dr. Peter Beter, who presented it in his audioletters, which can be found on the internet. According to Beter there was lots more to the story and a cover for another operation, an operation to destroy the Russians nuke missiles over there, Jonestown was on the route to this other mission and in the midst of the massacre they could smuggle nukeparts in body bags via Jonestown. and also there was a plausible deniability for the massif military around .

  • unhoaxed4u says:

    Well said!!!
    Well said!!!

  • unhoaxed4u says:

    Wow! Great stuff!!!
    Wow! Great stuff!!!

  • TheLoner47 says:

    another notable …
    another notable thing about the jonsetown massacre is that most of the victims, as were most of the people at jonestown, were black.

  • TheLoner47 says:

    one of the best …
    one of the best exposes on Jones Town is John Judges’ research at: .html

  • jackp6 says:

    I read about …
    I read about Jonestown some years ago on the internet… a witness report or something like that…

  • Michel van dijk says:

    My thoughts exactly …
    My thoughts exactly. Thank you for posting.

  • macpduff says:

    Now that I am awake …
    Now that I am awake, I doubt all these horror stories of my adult life
    Jonestown. Waco.(the football star who supposedly slit his wife’s throat), etc
    Does anyone realize how demoralizing it is to realize that the PIVOTAL “news” stories that formed my precious short adult life,- were FAKE?!
    I was given ONE life to live on this earth, and it was formed by media/gov lies.
    I made decisions for my family based on a false reality.
    I hope all people who participated – rot in HELL
    They stole my happines

  • MrAnguswangus says:

    Very interesting …
    Very interesting string of facts that we can go verify…this dude seems to have done his homework here. Great stuff!

  • ResistCom says:

    Possibly Operation …
    Possibly Operation Condor, the Latin American version.

  • Knave Child says:

    Interesting, …
    Interesting, 108morris108 is wearing the color of the purple koolaid they drank in this video. Syncronicity?

  • OlymPigs2010 says:

    Just why would the …
    Just why would the British SAS Blackguards be involved in the round up and murder of hundreds of Jonestown escapees?

  • OlymPigs2010 says:

    …Just why would …
    …Just why would the British SAS Blackwatch be involved.. let alone why would they want to round up and shoot hundreds of Jonestown escapees?

  • LiberaLib says:

    the jonestown …
    the jonestown massacre is maybe the most haunting event in recent history. there’s something about it that really craws under my skin.

    I bet there’s an aspect of operation phoenix to jonestown, too. military intelligence expanding on the threads they’d picked up in vietnam.

  • cbasallie says:

    Research David …
    Research David Berg.Anothet cult leader. River Phoenix who “mysteriously” died was affected by this child international cult. He’s not the only child actor. One of Berg’s sons did a murder-suicide ON FILM after pleading with authorities for help. Decades ago. The cult still thrives. Rampant pedophilia charges were made and NEVER EVER prosecuted. Media AND govt seemed to love the guy……

  • johnfarmingdale says:

    I forgot about …
    I forgot about Jonestown, wow “Drinking the Coolaid.” what does that mean now. Thanks

  • tribexa says:

    I’ve read somewhere …
    I’ve read somewhere that the Jones town massacre was related to a Secret Russian base in Guyana where the Missiles from the Cuban Missile crisis were moved to and this was the reason why the body count was never correct. British SAS commando’s and American Green Berets were already in position awaiting orders and Jones town was used as a cover. By the time the Russians suspected anything it was too late.

  • SilveradoDudeDk says:

    I found out some …
    I found out some years ago, that the guyana site was previously owned by the CIA. That was all i needed to know. But this info just gives credit to what i already knew, which was that this was not mass suicide. Keep up the GREAT work. Neil sanders is one of the most brilliant people ON EARTH.

  • thumminxy says:

    OK where’s the hard …
    OK where’s the hard evidence for The Peoples Temple being part of MKULTRA?

  • Pfsif says:

    Never heard this …
    Never heard this side of the story, thanks! Nothing happens by accident.

  • xearther says:

    12 min and 46 sec …
    12 min and 46 sec of FLYING down the rabbit hole. That was a fantastic journey of “curiouser and curiouser”. Thank you, Morris and “White Rabbit”.

  • RenegadeTimes says:

    He’s right. Great !
    He’s right. Great !

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