Marrakesh cafe ‘suicide bombing’ kills 15 people

0 Marrakesh cafe suicide bombing kills 15 peopleA massive explosion ripped through a busy cafe in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh on Thursday, killing at least 15 people and wounding as many as 20 others.

The Argana restaurant on Jamaa el-Fnaa square is popular with tourists and 10 foreigners have been confirmed dead.

Authorities suspect a suicide bombing after nails were found in one of the dead bodies.

If proved to be the work of Islamic militants, it would be Morocco’s biggest terrorist attack since suicide bombings killed 45 people in Casablanca eight years ago.

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8 Responses to “Marrakesh cafe ‘suicide bombing’ kills 15 people”

  • MrKABADD says:

    نطالب من الدول التي …
    نطالب من الدول التي قتل مواطنيها على يد عصابات الدكتاتور حميدة 6 ان تطلب من المجلس الامن الدولي لاجراء تحقيق دولي في جريمة المخزن الشنعاء
    Call upon States that its citizens were killed by gangs of dictator Mohammed VI to ask the UN Security Council to hold an international investigation into the heinous crime of the King

  • MsIthinkthereforeIam says:

    @kingofent I agree.
    @kingofent I agree.

  • kingofent says:

    Shame on those sick …
    Shame on those sick fanaitics.

    Marrakesh is a beautiful town.

    Why pick on those tourists???

    By in large, the Marrakesh crowd is a kind, gentle, and good spirited bunch,

    tourists and locals alike.

    A dark day indeed, in Marrakesh.

  • copperkipper1 says:

    Ive been in that …
    Ive been in that cafe 0.0…. pretty much all tourists who visit marrakesh will see or go into that cafe as it is the only building with a balcony looking over the market. RIP

  • veronicasnow07 says:

    It …

    It is not the only cafe with a balcony over looking the market… Cafe de France also has a balcony with a spectacular view!

  • Vandertop says:

    This is very bad …
    This is very bad news for Morroco. I expect it will have some effect on tourism (which is presumably what the terrorists want). I’ve actually put on hold my own trip to the country, but I will be going later. I remember that tourism dropped in the UK when the IRA bombs went off many years ago (outside Harrods store etc) but things gradually got back to normal. In England everybody just went about their business as usual, as I’m sure many of the good people of Morocco will do.

  • MrKarimlol says:

    omgg i love my …
    omgg i love my country a lott! thats sadd why those idiotts did that !! morocco had been always a peacefull land and it will always be! why those midleasterns hate morocco ! ?

  • simomonster says:

    Really sad !! Love …
    Really sad !! Love that cafe !! But have lot of doubts !! Why ! Because they released some fanatics from prison a while ago and this happened afterward . Could easily been carried how by the government to unite people around the king . Against thr same enemy . More upraising been planned for this year against the corrupt system but this might calm people down . But I could be wrong . RIP.

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