Medical Nurse Witnessed Troops on Psych “Suicide” Drugs

0 Medical Nurse Witnessed Troops on Psych Suicide DrugsAlex speaks to a whistleblower nurse who worked in iraq and saw troops being given psych “suicide” drugs. She also tells alex what kind of behavior the troops were displaying while on these drugs.

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Duration : 0:26:8

25 Responses to “Medical Nurse Witnessed Troops on Psych “Suicide” Drugs”

  • laserus3333 says:

    To Rittle you in?
    To Rittle you in?

  • SPIN091163 says:

    … and what is …
    … and what is really funny: If you were ever on Ritalin you had to have a waiver to get in the military (just went through it).

  • SPIN091163 says:

    If you do not …
    If you do not remember this you should have a brain scan. The military handed out what was explained as ‘Anthrax” protection. LOL Kinda like the shot line in the military … those barrels are marked “X” the air guns are attached, and you are next.

  • MrMerajjio says:

    I wonder what Alex …
    I wonder what Alex Jones is on.

  • Biblicalgiants says:

    Keep them selfish, …
    Keep them selfish,keep them sedated,keep them asleep.

  • youneekk says:

    SATAN IS GOD OF JESUS. Click on my channel to see…

  • TheRiceowlex says:

    ETC..ETC..That]s …
    ETC..ETC..That]s the tip of the hook for this Sandy Hook Hoax…Columbine same thing..A DRILL..(look up Denise Wohl, daughter of Maurice Greenberg AIG / CIA CEO playing Anne Marie Hockhalter who was allegedly paralyzed at Columbine)…Trey Parker (South Park creator) is actually in news footage concerning the Virginia Tech hoax, he was playing a student ? This goes on and on folks..X-Files episode “Emilie” stars Karrie Turner who played nurse Sally Cox of Sandy Hook fame..WTF !!!

  • waffle98501 says:

    One point you …
    One point you failed to cover…. Many soldiers, become homesick and depressed. The staff (officers) send these troups to psyc (drugs and happy pills) to prevent them from trying to desert. The military is hiring so many questionable people just to prevent using a draft system. This is a sign the military is too large. I support an al VOLUNTEER military, so, if someone wants out, let them out, NOT give them drugs.

  • TheRiceowlex says:

    Alex do you have …
    Alex do you have hard evidence that ALL THESE EVENTS INCLUDED MASS SHOOTERS AT ALL ?? From what I’ve researched, no shots were fired at Sandy Hook
    That elementary school is boarded up and has been for a long time..There are waist high weeds coming up around the chain link fence that surrounds the school ??
    HSEEP had scheduled drills for FEMA / DHS AT SANDY HOOK FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS ?? ME Carver was given an exemption from releasing to the public pediatric homicide autopsy info WTH !!!

  • lostbuffalo says:

    so your claim that …
    so your claim that the israelites are the lesser gods (lower case g) is patently false.
    The lesser gods were fallen angels and nephilim

  • lostbuffalo says:

    God repeatedly …
    God repeatedly withdrew his blessings from the hebrews when they became too prideful to show them that the blessings they enjoy have no basis in Merit….to show them that these blessign are because God is great not because the jews are great.

  • lostbuffalo says:

    Why did Yahweh …
    Why did Yahweh chose Abraham? because he sought him and the other nations had lesser gods (fallen angels) and false idols they worshipped.
    God chose Abraham to show the world what he could accomplish with the least successful social outcast on the face of the earth.

  • lostbuffalo says:

    Just in case you …
    Just in case you didn’t know… God’s “chosen” people are special because he chose them… Not that he chose them because they were special.
    As a matter of fact in God’s own words he thought they were “special”
    He called them a thick necked people of repeat failures bitter to his yoke.
    God did not exactly chose the Israelis, He chose Abraham.
    The Israelites are his children who recieved in his blessing.

  • MrJohnnygtz says:

    come on Alex… …
    come on Alex… Your racist against mexicans, I believe that alone could discredit you. You always have something stupid to say against Mexicans.. WTF.. we are all on this fight and were all victims of the same power structure. Stop blaming us for the ups of you own government. Stop blaming us for the weaknesses of your system and your people… power to the people.

  • salvador0919 says:

    no shit, Ketamine …
    no shit, Ketamine is PCP?

  • salvador0919 says:

    ever see those …
    ever see those videos where they’re rolling around with the Afghan Army, apparently those guys smoke a lot of weed. I’d say the Corporation’s Troops should try what they’re smoking.

  • TheLuschen says:

    They already …
    They already drugged up more people than we know off! 3 years ago a new anticonception pill was introduced, ive seen 8/10 women getting confussed and manipulated by the hormone’s they lost their jobs and their family’s destroyed…mentally exhausted’ they say take more drugs’ the Women cant even decide with a clear mind and take the pills or getting forced by socity’
    Keep up the good work Alex!

  • achillesmlf says:

    Psychiatry is …
    Psychiatry is hockem. Every thing you do is supposedly your mothers fault. My brothers is a jail bird, I am not and my sister is a teacher. What happened to him. It sure wasn’t my Mums fault. He is just a loser.

  • deenman23 says:

    yeah he is right …
    yeah he is right about 10% and lies about 90%…gg

  • TheDie1000deaths says:

    Shhhh child
    Shhhh child

  • TheDie1000deaths says:

    Not as hard as …
    Not as hard as being a mindless puppet. How do you cope

  • TheDie1000deaths says:

    Thankyou for such …
    Thankyou for such an eloquent comment puppet

  • TheDie1000deaths says:

    You don’t know they …
    You don’t know they don’t, you’re just assuming. It works perfectly fine in Japan and many EU countrys

  • scottplanner22 says:

    Please watch this …
    Please watch this video and pass this on; see this video on youtube; What Happens When GUN CONFISCATION Is Forced On People By Their Government (copy paste the title in youtube search), watch the Longest Version, and please listen to comments at the end. you won’t be sorry….pass this along please!!

  • scottplanner22 says:

    My neighbor was on …
    My neighbor was on these, her personality change for the worse, screamed and yelled, was angry ect.. and she got off of them. She is a happy person now….

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