Mindy McCready, 37, Dead of Apparent Suicide

0 Mindy McCready, 37, Dead of Apparent Suicide“Mindy McCready was found dead in her Heber Springs, Ark., home on Sunday night, her brother confirms to the NY Daily News. She was 37.

A source tells E! News that neighbors reportedly heard gunshots at McCready’s house and called the police. “She shot herself and the dog,” the insider adds.”*

Country singer Mindy McCready has died at age 37 of an apparent suicide. Many people are left asking why this happened, and if this could have been prevented. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss McCready and battling addiction in the public eye.

*Read more from Leigh Blickly/ Huffington Post:


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24 Responses to “Mindy McCready, 37, Dead of Apparent Suicide”

  • levi harbour says:

    I never said I …
    I never said I should, nor do I. But don’t rely on google for your answers. Dogs that are neglected or left in houses after people move out and leave them there are left for over a week sometimes. I have seen this, and I have dealt with this.

    A perfectly healthy dog will be fine without water until someone discovers a dead body. from the smell or sound of a gunshot.

    Now be a good little boy, and go google a response to this.

  • backlash96chris says:

    I bet if we just …
    I bet if we just threw her in a cage for 10 years shed a been all better.

  • MrSquirrelkiller101 says:

    RIP Mike Starr and …
    RIP Mike Starr and Layne Staley

  • farneyblakeley says:

    never liked dr Drew …
    never liked dr Drew, he tries to “council” people who do things he would never have the guts to even contemplate, he’s a judgmental little dork with a big head

  • dny31videos says:

    It’s funny to me …
    It’s funny to me the way I/we see a human’s death in comparison to a dog’s death. 

  • ShadowHawk676 says:

    With any luck this …
    With any luck this would stop shows that exploit people’s addictions and depression but who am I kidding people love to watch people going through a hard time on TV because it makes them feel better about themselves. That’s why shows like that will continue to be made and people’s problems exploited. Because in our society it makes and easy dollar to turn a camera on a person who is suffering.than it does really helping the person behind the scenes and making them better,

  • Thomas Harper says:

    Third time’s the …
    Third time’s the charm I guess?

  • deepfriedchocobo says:

    It’s time to revoke …
    It’s time to revoke dr drew’s license.

  • Centaur1975 says:

    People who are into …
    People who are into country music most definitely know who Mindy McCready is. Her first album came out in 96 and went 2x platinum. Since then, it’s been a slow, downhill slide, but trust me, her big hit, “Guys Do It All The Time,” still gets a surprising amount of airplay in a lot of areas. I’m not a fan of modern country, but living in Tennessee it’s impossible to ignore.

  • xensor says:

    So you hate people …
    So you hate people you don’t know
    for wishing peace to someone they don’t know.
    No irony there.

  • juki0h says:

    illuminatis killed …
    illuminatis killed her and them all

  • THE89KiNGZ says:

    Why the would …
    Why the would she kill the dog. Dumb bitch.

  • lennylapdance says:

    can someone give …
    can someone give this person an award for this comment.

  • TestMeatDollSteak says:

    I had never heard …
    I had never heard of her until I saw this story, so I read the Wiki page on her. She had a pretty up personal life. Co-dependency, depression, dramatic and violent relationships, drugs, suicide attempts…seems like she was bound and determined to self-destruct. Too bad.

  • beefyone100 says:

    My wish has been …
    My wish has been answered.

  • mooveez4U says:

    i hate the people …
    i hate the people on facebook who are posting RIP MCCREADY
    nobody knows who this even is

  • napornik says:

    I’m gonna say.. …
    I’m gonna say..uhmmm… Dr.Drew, with a needle,….in the bedroom.
    Or Col. Mustard…. but I’m betting on Dr. Drew…

  • chloexox white says:

    No respect for her …
    No respect for her she did it to herself pathetic excuse for a women Imo.

  • retrotd says:

    From what I can …
    From what I can tell, she was an up and coming country singer, but she let her life get out of control.

  • nelly yllen says:

    thats the usa for …
    thats the usa for ya

  • Kleptoone says:

    I can see a debate …
    I can see a debate about rehab under public scrutiny but don’t you think it would be more fair to gather statistics about drug related deaths after rehab in any shape or form and compare instead of ignorantly proclaiming “fail”? If you did in fact do the research then you should share that with us as well. I love young Turks for the broad spectrum of new they cover but the short sighted opinions as a summary are getting old and frustrating to watch. P.s. not a fan of celebrity rehab.

  • WilhelmDrake says:

    Come on Ana, …

    Come on Ana, how naive can you be?
    Dr. Drew is a horrible person and a vile opportunist.

  • wp4866 says:

    the heart is …
    the heart is deceitful and wicked, who can understand it.

  • WilhelmDrake says:

    Most of the …
    Most of the addiction treatment industry is a scam.
    Addiction is the only illness where, if the treatment doesn’t work, it’s the fault of the patient not the treatment.

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