Mindy McCready Dead at 37 From Apparent Suicide

0 Mindy McCready Dead at 37 From Apparent SuicideThe country music singer was found dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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25 Responses to “Mindy McCready Dead at 37 From Apparent Suicide”

  • dac18037 says:

    Rip mindy. You will …
    Rip mindy. You will be missed. Guys really do it all the time.

  • Bob Last says:

    yes made millions , …
    yes made millions , killed trillions , nice country you nuts have, im just wondering what buildings you are going to bring down next. you idiots think all the west believes you, sry to burst ya bubble but as civil engineer with 35 years exp, the twin towers was soo obvious the planes didnt cause them to fall, the thermite planted in the buildings did the job, the giveaway is the toxic smoke that linguered for days , and molton steel layed there for weeks. Aviation fuel doesnt burn hot enough LOL

  • Bob Last says:

    Maybe ill become a …
    Maybe ill become a rich yank country singer take loads of drugs , not give a about my kids, then kill my self, then yeah you can talk about me , cause ill deserve it >

  • iAmDirect says:

    I am not justifying …
    I am not justifying her suicide…committing suicide is a sign of weakness. I know what you mean she had everything or that what it seems but money and fame actually don’t buy happiness. the only way to happiness is by having a strong faith and inner peace. I just feel sorry for her.

  • Bob Last says:

    Hope in her next …
    Hope in her next life she comes back as a poor southafrican child, then she might be able to have a title of a hard life, Another typical American who thinks the wourld dont excist outside of its shores.

  • Bob Last says:

    So much what? …
    So much what? Money, a great life, you overpaid celebs want to make me puke, this wouldnt know what a hard life was, But i bet her children will find out.

  • EmilyOwl101 says:

    Wow! What a sad …
    Wow! What a sad story. Not a fan of her music (or even country music, in general) but it’s always tragic to hear about someone taking his/her own life. It sounds like Mindy had a rough life though & those poor boys are gonna grow up missing a lot without their mom.

  • walts Kfan says:

    so sad and tragic …
    so sad and tragic media and others dont make it easier for people with problems they way they talk trash about and talk down about these people making them affriand to get help rip mindayM

  • RockMegaBarbie says:

    WOW. I cant believe …
    WOW. I cant believe some of the comments Im reading, REALLY? it is beyond being cruel. Just flat out heartless, nasty and evil…..do you people think it’s cool? I hope all of you laughing now become fat, Depressed, heavy drinkers and have your own spouse or child Commit Suicide or you become Suicidal one day and see it as a only option. Then kill yourself with people Trash talking you while your 6 Feet under…wont be so Funny then will….?

  • cougargrl57 says:

    There seems to be …
    There seems to be more concern & outrage about shooting the dog than Mindy’s death. What have we become as a society? Smh

  • RockMegaBarbie says:

    @Joazim Riberio…. …
    @Joazim Riberio….SHAME ON YOU! Anyone who can trash talk a Dead person like that REGARDLESS of who or what they were in life, is Mental and is in need of a lot of help. Unless they were someone like Hitler you have no right to say that. This Woman was dealing with Depression and self Demons so bad to the point she Committed Suicide. No one deserves that! Karma is a B*tch and I hope one day you will know what it feels like, and will be put through what she went through, just in a different way.

  • RockMegaBarbie says:

    Times are tougher …
    Times are tougher than ever now…people are Hopeless….

  • jeanniestelly37 says:


  • Will090681 says:

    Yea I know about …
    Yea I know about the dog thing and do have a suspicion that she killed the bf too and they were getting hot on her trail so she decided to end her life from it

  • Joazim Ribeiro says:

    She was a crackhead …
    She was a crackhead and a stupid selfish/selfcentered WHORE. She was always a miserable gargage and she realized that. SHe actually did a favor for us in ending her crack-infested whorish life.

  • shawncarpenter1972 says:

    Rest in peace
    Rest in peace

  • gharrup18 says:

    This is the perfect …
    This is the perfect portrait of a white trash Romeo and juliet lol I bet the worms won’t even eat that piece of garbage lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • gharrup18 says:

    Rot in you …
    Rot in you piece of trash lol I wish I could have seen her shoot herself lol sad about the dog tho lol

  • James Wilkins says:

    So true. :/
    So true. :/

  • Olga Peluso says:

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  • BarryManilowFan4eva says:

    RIP Mindy, god …
    RIP Mindy, god bless her two young boys. esp her youngest only 10months old :( I grew up on her music. She will deff be missed in the music world & in general

  • Archangel Michael says:

    It’s a good thing …
    It’s a good thing the kids weren’t there when she did this. She killed her boyfriend last week. She would probably have killed her kids too. They’re not reporting it, but Mindy also killed her dog before she killed herself!

  • music4ismylife8 says:

    She left behind a …
    She left behind a 10 month old how selfish do you have to be to do that?? I can’t feel sympathetic I’m sorry

  • Bob Last says:

    Fuck her , that …
    Fuck her , that SELFISH CUNT, just like the in england, Arnt we suppose to LOVE our children??

  • prematureejaculatexx says:

    w w w . s e x t a …
    w w w . s e x t a m i n a . c o m

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