More Teen Suicide In Conservative Areas

0 More Teen Suicide In Conservative AreasTeen suicide is more common in conservative counties according to a new study by the Columbia University School of Public Health. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss.

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25 Responses to “More Teen Suicide In Conservative Areas”

  • DanielH3342 says:

    I live, and grew up …
    I live, and grew up, in the heart of South Carolina. I’m 29. Im telling you, this is true. My whole life I’ve been shrugged away from people who have strong conservative beliefs. It really can be an “us and them” attitude. I’d like to think that I can get along with anyone, and I have, and I do. But some people see those who deviate from their world perspective as “them”, “secular” etc. It’s very dangerous and a very terrible way to grow up.

  • insertnamehereKJK says:

    There’s also more …
    There’s also more abortions in Republican states.

  • VlcakStalker says:

    Putting a political …
    Putting a political spin on this is in bad taste to say the least.

  • GenTsoChicken1 says:

    I’ll file this …
    I’ll file this survey under “Of Cooooouures!!!”. People are more miserable when they’re pretending to be something they’re not. I couldn’t imagine living g in a conservative town.

  • ChuckyJesus666 says:

    @1140Cecile …
    @1140Cecile Brilliant comment!

  • ChakatBlackstar says:

    I can say from …
    I can say from experiance that my family lives in a conservative area, and all of my immidiate family has contemplated suicide at one time or another, in my extended family there was one suicide and a second one who tried it. So, ya…there is a trend there.

  • Tuuliska says:

    Why am I not …
    Why am I not surprised at all.


  • BBobFrankk says:

    Repeatedly press 6 …
    Repeatedly press 6 for lazer beems.

  • SketchyLook says:

    You have no idea …
    You have no idea how bad it really is, I live in the bible belt and you can just SEE the suicide breathing down peoples necks.

  • thealmightypidgeon says:

    Now that …
    Now that Conservatives being happier on average study makes a lot more sense, all of the sad Conservatives are dead.

  • cchanderson says:

    Urban areas in …
    Urban areas in Oregon are liberal…rural areas are Conservative. So the study finds out that bored kids with no hope of finding a job in rural areas are killing themselves as opposed to higher earning and more affluent kids.

    You can spin the conservative liberal thing as much as you want…you could also say people that drink lake water (Urban areas) are less likely to commit suicide than people that drink well water (Rural Areas) and you would find equally similar results.

  • openupfresh says:

    The problem is, …
    The problem is, Conservative Christians know about the higher suicide rate amoung gays. BUT they do not think that it’s because of a lack of acceptance, they see it as proof that the gays have a demon.

  • DerrenBrown100 says:

    Atheism > Religion

    Atheism > Religion
    Liberal > Conservative

  • The8347135 says:

    @bobbytiger troll …
    @bobbytiger troll fail

  • BBobFrankk says:

    TYT is a great show …
    TYT is a great show. They really deserve more viewers.

  • 1010Bonnita says:

    I’m a bisexual …
    I’m a bisexual female and I knew this at a very young age and it was very hard growing up. I thought about killing myself alot. My family loves me but they don’t know because I could never tell them. And now that I’m grown I know that was the main reason I wanted to kill myself. I felt I was like a defective product. Support is everything to a teenager

  • SWilliamJackson says:

    @cchanderson Your …
    @cchanderson Your explanation doesn’t explain why they kill themselves more in Conservative areas. In Canada, we have even less homosexual suicide than liberal parts of the US as we’re 100% tolerant of them here,.

  • bobbytiger says:

    Another worthless …
    Another worthless study.
    This one by a liberal University in our over-rated educational system.

  • SirWinstoneChurchill says:

    Gotta keep those …
    Gotta keep those gay pedophile church clergy away from the kids…

  • SirWinstoneChurchill says:


    The …

    The evidence supports that religionists tend to drive homosexuals to suicide?

    Gay pedophile priests molesting those kids…

    The world is overpopulated anyway, so who gives a fuck?

  • LeksServices says:

    @cchanderson – The …
    @cchanderson – The evidence supports that religionists tend to drive homosexuals to suicide. If you can provide evidence that religionists do not drive homosexuals to suicide, we’d sure love to see it. Of course, you can not provide any such evidence, therefore, you fail.

    Just so you know, the evidence also clearly indicates that religionists also persecute homosexuals more.

  • edgeninja says:

    Not surprising, …
    Not surprising, considering how many conservative communities resemble the ones on that Adult Swim show “Moral Orel”.


    this is not a …
    this is not a surprise. next.

  • cchanderson says:

    @openupfresh The …
    @openupfresh The problem is Liberal Ahtiest know about the higher suicide rate among gays. But they do not think that it’s because the gays are naturally more emotionally distraught , they see it as proof that all Republicans are homophobic thugs and drive gays to shoot themselves in the face.

  • CommandoDude says:

    Why do these things …
    Why do these things always have to turn into a gay issue? Focus on what really matters, the way conservatives parent children, which is obviously very poor since they demand they perform and behave to inhumanly ‘perfect’ standards.

    At least we’re not as bad as Japan. The way they treat their youth is horrible.

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