Rejected bride-to-be attempts suicide in China – no comment

0 Rejected bride to be attempts suicide in China   no commentA rejected bride-to-be was pulled to safety after threatening to jump out of a seventh-floor window in north-east China because her fiancĂ© had left her days before their wedding….
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25 Responses to “Rejected bride-to-be attempts suicide in China – no comment”

  • Kittencrazysim says:

    Okay people, she …
    Okay people, she was in love and love does some crazy things to people, don’t be calling her stupid or a because I am pretty sure she felt so fuckig awful, people who insult her have no right unless they know how it feels. She felt suicidal because her partner at the time had got rid of her 2 fricken days before the wedding and you can tell if you were doing suicide she loved this guy with her life, but this guy is a piece of I hope he dies for what he did to his girl


    what a she …
    what a she didnt jump

  • allenhanTV says:

    Why the is …
    Why the is that Fiancee in a hurry to marry? Proposes to one, and then marries one days before….That’s what I wanna know.

  • supergirll66 says:

    Those arent her …
    Those arent her tits
    dumby its called Chest the dress isnt down enough to show

  • LPproducttions says:

    well all I have to …
    well all I have to say is shes dumb for trying to kill herself over a man but Im glad shes alive but really are you really going to kill your self

  • steelersgold says:

    i removed all my …
    i removed all my comments, holla at yall lata, deuces

  • kingmafi6699 says:




  • Afraid0fGhosts says:

    @steelersgold are …
    @steelersgold are you trollin or are you a real racist?

  • justgonzalez says:

    Nipple ftw
    Nipple ftw

  • kingmafi6699 says:



    Nigga you lack a brain

  • kaavyasangavi says:

    @steelersgold you …
    @steelersgold you are such a fag. chinese men are nice.

  • Playdough90 says:

    Towards the end …
    Towards the end they sounded like a pack of dogs lol

  • TheDookieBuffer says:

    Is this real? Why …
    Is this real? Why was she in her gown? For dramatic effect? I mean, it wasn’t the day of the wedding. I guess I’m just a little confused.

  • xxxWarriorGoddessxxx says:

    It ain’t worth it …
    It ain’t worth it girl, there are way too many men in this world that would love you the way you deserved to be loved, you’re a beautiful woman. Love will make you do crazy shit.

  • SassySoulja4 says:

    At least she was …
    At least she was rescued! That’s a close one… I’m glad she has another chance at life.

  • BraindeadFred91 says:

    @RaizerZ Life is an …
    @RaizerZ Life is an imposition asshole. Nobody asks to be born? What the gives you the right to say that a person should be forced to ride a rollercoaster that person never asked to be placed on? You are controlling bastard.

  • RaizerZ says:


    No, its not face. No one has the right to kill themselves and anybody who lets anybody kill themselves are worse than people like you. Stupid cunt.

  • BraindeadFred91 says:

    @RaizerZ It is her …
    @RaizerZ It is her choice dipshit. People who want to die should have the right. I’m not a liberal but that’s the dumbest comment I’ve read in a while.

  • VikingLady219 says:

    I wonder how her …
    I wonder how her former fiancee must feel after this?

  • ANgelSCrooL says:

    @advantage73 Yep …
    @advantage73 Yep poor girl..

  • Annazayla says:

    @HianJ0 That’s your …
    @HianJ0 That’s your opinion…I don’t agree with it, so I guess we can agree to disagree. Have a nice day.

  • drealgrin says:

    why the would …
    why the would they break the god window?

  • xBloodyMonster says:

    nipples at 1:36, …
    nipples at 1:36, ftw. :)

  • myunicorniseatingme says:

    @xoxoKaiyaxoxo I …
    @xoxoKaiyaxoxo I see your point. But it was her decision so it is what it is.

  • iamacrab1 says:

    @rasheedmendenhal …
    @rasheedmendenhal aww, such tender hearted

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