RIP Beautiful Mindy McCready – Commits Suicide at 37 Years Old

0 RIP Beautiful Mindy McCready   Commits Suicide at 37 Years OldCountry music star Mindy McCready was found dead Sunday of an apparent suicide.
She was 37 years old. The father of her youngest child, record producer David Wilson, was found dead in his home on January 13 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.
McCready’s two children were removed from her home by a judge on February 6.
She was committed to a to a treatment facility for a mental-health and alcohol-abuse evaluation. She was released on February

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25 Responses to “RIP Beautiful Mindy McCready – Commits Suicide at 37 Years Old”

  • Jennifer Davis says:

    OMG Pregnant w/ …
    OMG Pregnant w/twins!!! wow!

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  • Jennifer Druar says:

    the song told the …
    the song told the life of reality

  • JCMEM09 says:

    May she rest in …
    May she rest in peace…

  • Ghenghy says:

    Another staged …
    Another staged shooting.

  • Yamila Saliva says:

    Therefore I …
    Therefore I recommend books like A Course in Miracles and The Disappearance of the Universe, believe me, those books saved my life

  • Yamila Saliva says:

    Money and fame does …
    Money and fame does not mean anything, just makes us happy peace of mind

  • Yamila Saliva says:

    was Mindy pregnant …
    was Mindy pregnant when she died?

  • Benny Bustamante says:

    Her poor children …
    Her poor children are going to wonder why they were not enough for their mom to want to keep living.Very sad.

  • Janet Healy says:

    If people would …
    If people would just learn to understand mental health people like mindy could get the help they need. People need to understand the warning signs it’s not feeling sorry for yourself it’s an actual condition and it’s complicated these people need help not judgement.

  • crystslbrat says:

    U all need to get a …
    U all need to get a life with the negative comments no one but her and god knows what happened quit being judgemental

  • BeautifulSin09 says:

    she suffered a …
    she suffered a miscarriage

  • MatrixFactoryGuy says:

    Agreed it’s …
    Agreed it’s chilling,.from 1:54 to 2:00..a very macabre scene. All three are now gone. I think she killed him for whatever reasons and later herself and the dog because she couldn’t live with the guilt anymore. Keep in mind his death was never ruled a suicide and has yet to be determined

    Good looks can be deceiving, drug addiction, depression, mental issues. A hit record and top 10 songs don’t make you a good person. Celebrity fame blinds the fans and “her new lover”, cost him his life

  • judgjewdy says:

    i always thought …
    i always thought she had the eyes of a killer

  • slickpickle9 says:

    you are not very …
    you are not very smart are you? she was not the legal guardian. idiot

  • Kimberly Knight says:

    American law is so …
    American law is so screwed. How can they try her for stealing her own child?

  • SwaloMyLode says:

    Does your vagina …
    Does your vagina hurt?

  • P Fletch says:

    I had the same …
    I had the same question and so I searched further on the internet and what I read was that at that time they thought there were two heartbeats and so she believed she was pregnant with twins at that time.

  • P Fletch says:

    Its macabre, to see …
    Its macabre, to see her walking hand in hand with her “new love” and her dog , in her “new life” and ironically all 3 in that scene are now dead. :( I

  • VictoriaVTodd says:

    Sad, another …
    Sad, another promising person gone too soon!

  • jackierisener2012 says:

    God bless to her …
    God bless to her family

  • jackierisener2012 says:

    I loved her and her …
    I loved her and her music she had problums but them babys gota grow up with out knowing her and how good she was

  • bigdadylance says:

    This is some …
    This is some illuminati they set her up so what if she drank!! No drug test EVER pruduced to confirm any drugs were used she was a sacrifice and that’s all !!!

  • stayfrosty1125 says:

    a full tilt nut job …
    a full tilt nut job
    i bet she killed the boyfriend
    and she had no right having more kids
    i feel super sorry for her 10 month old
    AND SHE KILLED HER DOG..she shot her dog
    what a cunt

  • CarriesNo1fan says:

    Yea, I saw that. …
    Yea, I saw that. Thanks.

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