(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 309 The Walking Dead: The Suicide King

0 (SPOILERS) Inside Episode 309 The Walking Dead: The Suicide KingTension brews between Woodbury and the Prison as Rick begins to spiral out of control and the Governor’s sadism magnifies. For more on The Walking Dead: http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-walking-dead

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Duration : 0:6:32

25 Responses to “(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 309 The Walking Dead: The Suicide King”

  • Jordan Miller says:

    anybody else seen …
    anybody else seen Hines Ward??

  • Riley Lynn says:

    The Walking Dead …
    The Walking Dead is categorized in horror genre

  • LittleLadhops says:

    Dude I …
    Dude I loved that. It’s been called a horror genre tv show, with the aspects of the now losing-its-humanity “society” generating the horror part, not the zombies, but when ghost Lori showed up, for me at least it was the biggest horror milestone the show has yet reached. I was scared shitless

  • PCextras says:

    I got a suicide …
    I got a suicide commercial when watching this

  • claudia33211 says:

    Love u Rick ❤ …
    Love u Rick ❤ Andrew is a great great actor !! I love it :)

  • RyanisRude says:

    This was an …
    This was an awesome episode!

  • Tony420Sharp says:

    Korean born. Dumb …
    Korean born. Dumb dumb it only takes 5 seconds to type into Google.

  • L0neXwulf says:

    Yes Andrew Lincoln …
    Yes Andrew Lincoln does deserve one!

  • JTPWALKER says:

    i feel like the …
    i feel like the show would lose so much value if merle dies. hes like sawyer from lost. loud mouth, chaotic, but a distinguished character persona for sure. forget about his relationship with daryl. merle is his own and he’s not all that bad :)

  • kaesy24 says:

    I like the 3rd …
    I like the 3rd season but I miss the 1st season

  • zolleen says:

    It actually added …
    It actually added even more awesomeness into the show in my opinion. Since Robert Kirkman said he regretted cutting Ricks hand off in the comics, they are making him more mentally in the show, which is really awesome. And Andrew Lincoln is such an awesome actor so it goes great/

  • sydneycrosbysucks says:

    Yep. I agree
    Yep. I agree

  • KittyKat Miller says:

    Daryl :,(
    Daryl :,(

  • Prophaint says:

    I hope Darryl comes …
    I hope Darryl comes back. He’s the only true viable fighting force Rick has by him.

  • cuppycakes123204 says:

    Lol I know right
    Lol I know right

  • AMegaSandwich says:

    That lori ghost …
    That lori ghost scared the out of me

  • xProskilz says:

    I jumped out of my …
    I jumped out of my seat when I first saw Lori up there :(

  • RemorfChuket says:

    The whole thing …
    The whole thing with Rick and the new group is definitely not about trust or safety. Rick is sick of getting close to people, having them depend on him, and then watching them die. When they discuss it back at the prison they mention Oscar, and Rick yells back “Where’s he now?!” He is fed up with losing people. Thats why he doesn’t wanna bring in new people. Then when he sees Lori’s ghost that just reminds him of the pain of losing someone and it makes him go berzerk and he throws the group out.

  • SuperSteelers111 says:

    Since the lost of …
    Since the lost of his wife he hasn’t been the same at all.

  • haris mian says:

    Can’t wait for the …
    Can’t wait for the next episode

  • lonelysith66 says:

    She’s doing too …
    She’s doing too much!
    Lori, girl, go to the light or something!
    But, seriously, Rick needs to sit down somewhere.

  • jafar fadel says:



  • TenaciousToaster1440 says:

    I’m with you. …
    I’m with you. Andrew Lincoln needs and Emmy.

  • TheOGLockdown says:

    And can we give …
    And can we give Rick a Emmy already?

  • TheOGLockdown says:

    Dayum Rick. Lori’s …
    Dayum Rick. Lori’s dead, and still keeps bitching. lmao.

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