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Yo! My name is Glendon Cameron
If you want storage auction advice and you are not wimpy, you will love this channel!
I was a storage auction hound for eight years and now I am retired. I will give you the good the bad and the ugly about the storage auction game!

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After leaving the storage auction business in 2009, he decided to return to writing a first love. Penning 8 books in three years. Glendon Cameron a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of business experience ranging from management, marketing, outside sales and running his own company.

For the last three years he has educated and entertained a growing following on his Youtube Channel “Glendon007″ with over 500 videos, the core topic of storage auctions and the resale business.

On his blog blog posts delve into many topics straight from the hip truths, laced with hearty dose of humor, while driving home salient points. His books deal with elements of business, life, truth and the funny side of reality.
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  • WWE2426 says:

    I regret making fun …
    I regret making fun of this guy when he had a purse.

  • ThePresidentMichael says:

    I agree with what …
    I agree with what you said. This is a very sad day and it was very nice of the kind words that you said.

  • 87ebush says:

    People kill …
    People kill themselves all of the time. Has nothing to do with Storage Wars. But it is nice that you offered kind words. I’ve seen too much suicide, and it doesn’t matter who you are. It can happen to you or someone you love.

  • M. Blakely says:

    Deeper issues …
    Deeper issues going on here…

  • muchomusiclibre says:

    This is LA, unless …
    This is LA, unless he got popped for distribution then he probably wasn’t looking at a lot of time, if it was personal use.

  • jensweet66 says:

    You know the …
    You know the Storage Wars website hasn’t even acknowledged his death?? How pathetic. A couple of the people on the show tweeted about it, but I don’t think ANY OF THEM COULD GIVE A DAMN. Just goes to show the reality show didn’t care about him, or any of the other cast members for that matter. In fact, I’d be willing to bet by a few of the cast members attitudes towards Mark they think it’s super he’s gone!! Believe me, they DON’T CARE. And it’s evil!

  • jensweet66 says:

    So super sad!! He …
    So super sad!! He just couldn’t seem to be able to get it together. Sad thing is, I guarantee you he now wished he hadn’t made the choice he did. Suicide is NOT WORTH IT. NOTHING IS SO BAD TO TAKE YOUR LIFE. HE thought he had problems here on earth? His problems have just begun, and they are ETERNAL. NO, IT IS NOT WORTH IT? I think he was embarrassed. Thank you for having compassion. Yes, he had little kids, pretty selfish!! He needed Jesus!

  • Tom Tall says:

    Once upon the a …
    Once upon the a time there were drug dealers who didn’t want a guy to give them up after he was arrested. They arranged a ‘suicide’.

    I wonder if this kind of thing ever really happens, don’t you?

  • Rednx4x4 says:

    Remember if you …
    Remember if you didn’t die from your mistakes… You learn from them If you didn’t learn from them…. You are doomed to repeat them

  • dipswell says:

    The show made him …
    The show made him out to be a total retard, with the man purse and the $10,000 Nintendo episode. He must have taken a verbal beating everywhere he went. Wait for the lawsuit from the family against the show.

  • kgtrains says:

    Always more to the …
    Always more to the story, Balelo helped return a rare Superman comic book valued at $1 million to its owner, actor Nicolas Cage after he found it in a storage unit years later.

    Never judge a man until you know his whole story. RIP Mark.

  • Tom The English Picker says:

    Quite sad but very …
    Quite sad but very odd.

  • TOXIXIFY says:

    He looks like he …
    He looks like he was in the drug business by the way he dressed. Maybe he was just cleaning his money?

  • JacobbrianS says:

    It’s sad if true. …
    It’s sad if true. Once hits the fan for people with money no telling what will happen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if some people had to come up the way I did, go through some of the stuff i did, and have the financial hardships we went through they would off their selves In a matter of months if not days. In 2008 i dodged the double felony bomb, as it was my first time in trouble as an adult. I had to do some time behind it and go to rehab, but life goes on.

  • Speed Racer says:

    Thing I’ve noticed …
    Thing I’ve noticed about Luxury businesses TV, Computer biz etc. is that they can be heavy soap operas – get too involved in the soap opera can cause major problems, have to be careful

  • gimpinmypants says:

    That’s a pretty …
    That’s a pretty crazy story. Not worth dying just because he’s embarrassed.

  • TheUnmaskedMagician says:

    my thoughts go out …
    my thoughts go out to his family and friends

  • liquormanagement says:

    B. Why couldn’t my …
    B. Why couldn’t my Nintendo listing (shameless plug for rookie store: “″) have sold for $14K?

  • liquormanagement says:

    “Recently, on the …
    “Recently, on the television reality show Storage Wars, an ‘uninformed auction buyer’ actually thought that a ‘$10′ NES Nintendo system was worth around $14,000!” Link:
    A. I hate to disparage the departed, but he should have fell on the sword after that Nintendo episode.

  • Thrift Quests says:

    There was a study …
    There was a study on the survivor of the Golden Gate jumpers where the psychologist asked the survivors at what moment they realized suicide was a mistake? All of the survivors said the moment their feet left the bridge. Crazy how our minds is the key to success or failure.

  • RubberWilbur says:

    He got drilled by …
    He got drilled by the big penis in the sky.

  • 21jmessiah says:

    that sucks… …
    that sucks… always be known for bringing in the man purse

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