Suicide: An Honest Discussion – Self Harm & Eating Disorder Video

0 Suicide: An Honest Discussion   Self Harm & Eating Disorder VideoSuicide: An Honest Discussion – Self Harm & Eating Disorder Video

Another week, another video. Except this week it isn’t just “another video”. It’s probably one of my most important to date. I can’t tell you how many times since I have started working as a therapist that I hear about suicidal thoughts, attempts etc. I don’t say this to make light of the situation. I do say it so that you understand that it happens. It is my belief that we can prevent this from happening, and you have all the tools to help yourself at home right now!
I want you to find a journal that you haven’t used yet, and hop online. We are going to look up some motivational quotes and write them down in your journal. You only need to find a couple of them that really touch you. Then turn the page. I want you to them write down your reasons for recovery. I know you don’t think you have any, but you do! Think about things that you want to be around for, or dreams that you have had before your ED told you you couldn’t.
The last thing I want you to do is reach out to one person!! Anyone! They could be on twitter, tumblr, youtube, a friend, a facebook friend, or even a suicide hotline. I don’t care who, just as long as you reach out for help. Cause we all know that when we are struggling we have been isolating, canceling plans, staying in bed all day, and not seeing anyone. So reach out! You are worth recovery! You can do this! I know it is hard but I am here to help and we can all work together and fight through this! I want you to listen to this video closely, replay it if you are having a hard time. There is a better way and a brighter future for you, and we can get there together!


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25 Responses to “Suicide: An Honest Discussion – Self Harm & Eating Disorder Video”

  • Kati Morton says:

    That is so true.. I …
    That is so true.. I always think they help us feel better because they have a innocence that is so wonderful:) xox I am so glad that you had pancakes and enjoyed your bday meal!! Happy Birthday honey!! xoxo Here is to a great year ahead :) xoxo 

  • Lysette1291 says:

    I am lol. All my …
    I am lol. All my friends are getting married and having kids and I want to be a kid again! haha. My pancakes and bday meal was fun, although my friend’s baby took most of the attention lol. Babies and animals always make me smile and feel more relaxed :) Probs cos they laugh at the smallest thing and thus make you laugh and temporarily forget things. :)

  • Kati Morton says:

    You are not old!! …
    You are not old!! haha!! Cause that would make me really old! LOL!! I love that quote too honey :) I will have to put it on my site :) I am so glad that you will see your friends and get to enjoy your birthday!! Keep me posted! xoxo 

  • Lysette1291 says:

    Thank you! 22: i …
    Thank you! 22: i feel old. It’s on Tuesday, not today: it will be the first time having pancakes in years. shall be fun, a couple of my friends are coming round and so that will make it easier cos those 2 know about my eating problems, even though they don’t know the full extent. One of my fave quotations is “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph” It’s so true.

  • Kati Morton says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! YAY!! I hope you have a wonderful day honey:) I know it can be hard, but keep fighting and I promise it will get easier:) xoxo

  • Lysette1291 says:

    I’m not negative …
    I’m not negative all the time. I just wish that once i am ‘happy’ then i could stay like it. but it’s like someone flicks a switch and im back to reality. i guess right now my whole existence is in a rut and it’s dark, and although im trying desperately to find my way out of it, i’m lost and going nowhere fast. my parents have told me im a disappointment. this weeks been hard. hopefully next week will be a high. my recovery journal is fuller so i have more resources to help me, and its my bday:)

  • Lysette1291 says:

    I’ll try, and at …
    I’ll try, and at the moment i’m being successful as my ma and pa just practically forced me out for a meal for my bday, and i have so far resisted purging or anything else :D

  • Kati Morton says:

    We have to force …
    We have to force ourselves out of the negative mind set!!! Cause you won’t fail at everything and your future can be whatever you want it to be! Honest!! So let’s at least try to focus on the positives for 5 minutes today :) xoxo

  • Lysette1291 says:

    I know at least one …
    I know at least one quote will stick in my mind; at 4:21 I was thinking “well tie a knot in it and hang on” (thomas jefferson) lol. I don’t know what my reasons are though tbh :/ if i look towards the future i get even more scared/anxious/depressed. i dont know what i want to do/i dont know what i CAN do, like if i try something i’ll just fail anyways. urgh this is a really depressive comment, i’m sorry… it was a good video though it got me thinking about stuff and thats the first step.

  • Kati Morton says:

    Yay honey!! I so …
    Yay honey!! I so proud of you:) I know it is hard to imagine a life without our ED.. but just keep at it and know that it is a process.. and once we feel like we don’t need it anymore it will go away :) xoxo

  • Roxanne Hillridge says:

    I’m really …
    I’m really recovering.. I’m getting really much better, and i have you to thank for that! But i still have a long road, and i’m not sure i want to recover 100%

  • Kati Morton says:

    Awe:) I am so glad …
    Awe:) I am so glad!!! xoxo

  • 0MorticiansDaughter0 says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this video, it really helps :)

  • underloved1 says:

    Got your email.Am …
    Got your email.Am hesitant completing request. Your workbook cover looks so professional. It is free right? I don`t have to buy a whole bunch of books. I can barely afford my medications & doctor fees. Ain`t much left of my pay after all that.Luckly i`m a little anorexic so i can channel what little resources i have towards rent,utilities & my transition.Please let me know.Would not want to ask for help or bother you when i can`t afford it. My staying alive depends on what i can afford. Thanks.

  • Kati Morton says:

    You are very …
    You are very welcome! I am so happy to help:) When you get to my page their should be a tab along the top (just below the big pictures that slide) it will say free workbook. Click on that and then follow the prompts. If that doesn’t work, you can search at the very top of my website for “workbook” and that should take you there as well :) xoxo

  • underloved1 says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your kind words of support. Have been through a lot more than you will ever know. Went to your web site didn`t see any workbook sorry.Many issues you talk about i relate to directly.Have lived through them. Am still addicted to cutting & pain killers. Hard to stop it helps me make it through the day without falling apart. Numb myself so i can putup with the abuse i face daily.Will visit your site again & learn to cope better with my problems. Your the best.Bye for now.Huggs.

  • Kati Morton says:

    I am SO GLAD that …
    I am SO GLAD that you found my channel :) I am so sorry about all that you have been through:( But I am so glad that you are seeing a therapist and talking about your GID. I do have a free workbook on my website and feel free to post on there to get some extra support :) I am here to help as much as I can!! xoxo

  • underloved1 says:

    Great video. You …
    Great video. You are a very cheerful person.I will try your suggestions.1st a little background on me. Am 59, am a product of a disfuntionnal family of 10 kids (am #4),3 girls,me & 6 boys.Sexually abused as a child,beaten & bullied for being skinny & efemmenit.almost killed be my dad at10 ( tryed to stop him from beatting my mom,Failed).Raped at 23 & left unconcious in an alleyway (attempted suicide FAILED).Am in theraphy for GID.Can my life be anymore of a crule joke. Surviving but barely.Sorry

  • Kati Morton says:

    Hey Andie!! Thank …
    Hey Andie!! Thank you so much for the kind words :) You are so amazing and worth every fight over recovery!!!! You are going to make a wonderful therapist one day :) xoxoxo

  • Andie Hoffmann says:

    Thank You for all …
    Thank You for all your support, Kati!!!! I just watch your Videos every day, and, that is what helps me. Yes, I do love the journal, but your Videos are just soooo inspirational ;) And you really, truly make me believe that I am worth recovery and that there is a better place, and that I actually CAN make it…. As hard as that may be….
    Ps: Even before my ED, I always wanted to become a Therapist <3

  • Kati Morton says:

    Awe thanks honey!! …
    Awe thanks honey!! I am so glad that you are finding them helpful <3

  • Silver Skye says:

    I really love you!! …
    I really love you!! your videos are amazing. <3

  • Kati Morton says:

    So glad that it …
    So glad that it worked out honey!! You are so amazing!! xoxo

  • sabrina p says:

    yea it is worth it …
    yea it is worth it to help me feel better for sure with depression right now, yea i miss being happy and my normal me I want to get back to feeling happy and wonderful not depressed, I will just have to be strong tomorro morning bring my journal and read it from there sounds easier for me

  • Kati Morton says:

    Yeah i bet weekly …
    Yeah i bet weekly blood draws are annoying.. but if it helps it may be worth it :) Then we can get you back to being your wonderful self and not feeling so low, you know? xoxo Keep me posted!!

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