Suicide Attempt By Jilted Bride (Video)

0 Suicide Attempt By Jilted Bride (Video)A Chinese bride-to-be attempted to jump out of a window to kill herself after finding our her fiance married another woman just days before their wedding. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss.


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25 Responses to “Suicide Attempt By Jilted Bride (Video)”

  • phillipjennings5 says:

    haha you gotta play …
    haha you gotta play these bitches.

  • goinhome619 says:

    Lol dumb fuck, she …
    Lol dumb fuck, she shoulda jumped, if your dumb enough to try kill yourself over something so stupid you deserve it

  • psychokillercrab says:

    @MrSockoOck Maybe …
    @MrSockoOck Maybe she didn’t know he was a dick. I have dated guys who were so sweet and didn’t god awful things. No one is perfect so you should see an ugly side sooner or later and most women don’t because men are good at toying with emotions. Granted I agree with you in most cases. WOMEN LOVE BEING TREATED LIKE SHIT. I blame it on the media and their motehrs

  • psychokillercrab says:

    she should marry …
    she should marry the guy who saved her!

  • psychokillercrab says:

    what a dick!
    what a dick!

  • ForceRecon198 says:

    @thereinliestherib …
    @thereinliestherib hahaha, may want to change your parameters. You might’ve ended up with Bin Laden if he didn’t get shot in the head by a seal. : P

  • thereinliestherib says:

    @ForceRecon198 …
    @ForceRecon198 Since you put it that way, a sociopathic bearded sounds like just the guy I’ve been looking for all these years!

  • MrSockoOck says:

    @gzussturbo I think …
    @gzussturbo I think you may have hit the nail on the head! Sounds about right

  • mcoc017 says:

    Why do women do …
    Why do women do this to themselves?
    come on.

  • ForceRecon198 says:

    @MrsD7777 Well, …
    @MrsD7777 Well, then your god is a real self indulgent and he can suck my dick. While you go fear the apocalypse and pray to be a smarter person, I’m gonna go live a reasonably happy life without the illusion of the fate of the universe resting on me praying to a sociopathic bearded in the sky.

  • MrsD7777 says:

    @ForceRecon198 …
    @ForceRecon198 Humanity was created to Worship him, if we don’t, Destruction is Inevitable! Its time for U to talk to GOD himself & not Me anymore. U WILL see him Face to Face one day & I fear for U. GOODBYE & PEACE! :D

  • gzussturbo says:

    @MrSockoOck It’s …
    @MrSockoOck It’s because girls have a need for a project. They look at a piece of guy and go “There’s good inside him and I want to be the one to find it!” Then went they get dumped on and trampled, they act surprised and the sad fact is a lot of them STILL want to find the good after they get the kicked out of them or cheated on. But as you say… “what can you do?”

  • ForceRecon198 says:

    @WolfsStorm Nope, …
    @WolfsStorm Nope, no they don’t. The blatant hypocrisy of many religious people is starting to get on my nerves quite frankly. The ones that don’t bug me are the ones who prefer to keep their beliefs on the DL, like we all probably should. Not go hollering at people that “God loves me soooo much and if you don’t love him he’ll send you to because all that matters is whether you’re christian or not. Blah blah blah…” The only solution- mess with the pyscho-religious. HIGH FIVE! :)

  • WolfsStorm says:

    @ForceRecon198 Plus …
    @ForceRecon198 Plus, using god as an excuse to people off isn’t aloud. But they never seem to follow the rules, don’t they?

  • ForceRecon198 says:

    @MrsD7777 Also, if …
    @MrsD7777 Also, if your God is so great and almighty, why would he need you to glorify him. Couldn’t he just glorify himself? Maybe he should’ve built Vatican City rather than have all those people waste their entire lives working on it. He has the power does he not? Kinda sounds like a douchebag if you ask me.

  • ForceRecon198 says:

    @MrsD7777 Kay, …
    @MrsD7777 Kay, maybe I did say “shut the up” at first but now I’m just asking you. Is it so crazy that one will tone down their feelings? “God is not the author of confusion”? Where did that come from? Are you high? What’s with all the “U’s” and “>’s” and capital letters. I am an Atheist but I really hate people the try to evangelicalize others. People trying to change peoples views to align with theirs is what creates a conformist society and religion is proven to not work with that.

  • MrsD7777 says:

    @ForceRecon198 Yep, …
    @ForceRecon198 Yep, U are completely CONFUSED! “GOD is Not the Author of Confusion”! >>>”SHUT THE UP.” and then U say, ” I’m not ordering you to shut up.” HaHa poor thing! All because i made a comment to someone OTHER THAN U :P All this, and U still have not changed or accomplished anything! Why should U even care? Aren’t U an atheist? “How would you feel if I started harassing you with my Atheistic beliefs?”

    Oh Well, I WILL continue to “Preach” as u say & Glorify GOD ALWAYS! PEACE :D

  • ForceRecon198 says:

    @MrsD7777 I curse …
    @MrsD7777 I curse because its how I talk. You got a problem with the way I talk. I called you a because I’m trying to be honest about my feelings. I’m not ordering you to shut up. I’m asking if you’ll stop preaching on YouTube when it isn’t relative to the video and when nobody honestly cares. You’re pretty full of yourself if you think you’re “God’s” commute between this life and the next. If he honestly wanted to say something, would he have the power to do so? Or he is he incapable? LOL

  • MrsD7777 says:

    @ForceRecon198 Tsk …
    @ForceRecon198 Tsk Tsk! So Sad how CONFUSED U Haters & Hypocrites really are! The Offended 1 is U with the cursing, name calling, and trying to order me to shut up and stop speaking GOD’s Word. Now u are saying, don’t shut up just be polite? *LOL*!
    Hebrews 4:12
    For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.!

  • ForceRecon198 says:

    @MrsD7777 Aww, are …
    @MrsD7777 Aww, are you offended? Don’t cry. Should I use BIG COMPUTER WORDS like you so eloquently are doing? I never said I hated your God, I just said that other people have other beliefs and you gotta respect that. When you try and preach your to others its essentially saying that you’re smarter and wiser than them which is pretty pretentious of you to do. How would you feel if I started harassing you with my Atheistic beliefs? I’m not saying you don’t have a right, only to be polite.

  • MrsD7777 says:

    @ForceRecon198 HaHa …
    @ForceRecon198 HaHa!@U!!! Calling names like a lil toddler! ” you dumb bitch.” *lol* Shows what a wonderful person u really are & so mature too! :P ANYWAYS, Your little computer words are NOT going to Shut me or anyone up so give it up u poor thing! I have every right to speak about my HOLY GOD as U do to speak about your Hatred of him. In the END we will see who wins! If you don’t Like it…DON”T READ IT DUH! Its that Simple! PEACE!

  • ForceRecon198 says:

    @GypsyMofakka Yeah, …
    @GypsyMofakka Yeah, he should totally be Bin-Ladened. Yes, that just became new meme. :)

  • ForceRecon198 says:

    @MrsD7777 I’m not …
    @MrsD7777 I’m not going to make you do anything. Never said I would you dumb bitch. I asked you to shut up because believe it or not, many many people do not share your beliefs and don’t want to hear about them. It’s a little thing called consideration. Ever heard of it? Secondly, your comment has absolutely NOTHING to do with this video. Keep your beliefs to your self on your shelves, and don’t try and force others into them.

  • MrsD7777 says:

    @ForceRecon198 *LOL …
    @ForceRecon198 *LOL*@ U! First of all, how are U gonna shut me up on a Computer DUH?? HaHa!

  • near1717 says:

    @alwayzAngry :D
    @alwayzAngry :D

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