Suicide bomb destroys Pakistan police station

0 Suicide bomb destroys Pakistan police stationA Taliban suicide bomber flattened a Pakistani police station on Wednesday, killing six people in the latest brazen assault on security forces since US troops killed Osama bin Laden. Duration: 01:05

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19 Responses to “Suicide bomb destroys Pakistan police station”

  • pforce123 says:

    Got islam. …
    Got islam. Pakistan does. Hahahaha.

  • PanjshirGuerrilla says:

    another attack from …
    another attack from the u.s false flag nation distabalization forces

  • pakidreamer says:

    only doing it for …
    only doing it for allah , they dont want to live here they r happy to die to see other life where 72 whoreis r waiting for tham allah u ****bar

  • JaiHindArbhav says:

    @SonnyA89 funny – a …
    @SonnyA89 funny – a mullah saying its bad to be born as anything but a mullah!! typical – Pedophile worshippers think they too are great!! Let me return and give you some more to think about – gotta go an on the koran

  • htgajjar says:

    Islam is Terrorism …
    Islam is Terrorism and Killing and Muslims are Terrorists just like MoMAD was.

  • JaiHindArbhav says:


  • CreativeMessage says:

    @jairam1985 ….HEY …
    @jairam1985 ….HEY Barney watcher…grow up and get some love — u need it. You should think about going back to school also, your IQ seems really low. Mom wasn’t a doper or drunk was she?

  • RayKalmNiam says:

    Fuck u America.
    u America.

  • SonnyA89 says:

    @nsuenv Degenerate. …
    @nsuenv Degenerate. I hope you burn in for eternity. Or get reincarnated as a Hindu (disgusting)

  • AMZIKON1978 says:

    Sara world ek taraf …
    Sara world ek taraf aur india akela ek taraf tabh bi hamesha jit sachhai ki hi hogi hai agar pakistan ko apne paap dhone hain to india se har bure kaam ki sorry sabke saamne maange

    Agar India se bana ke rakhoge to hi tarakki kar paaoge

    Aur hamara india gandhi ji ka sachha desh hai , is per buri nazar daalne wala chain se nahin baith sakta wo khud hi mit jaayega

  • AMZIKON1978 says:

    Jo saanp Paalte …
    Jo saanp Paalte hain

    Aur jinki niyat main khot hota hai aur jo sachhon per buri nazar daalta hai

    Allah aur bhagwan bi un per buri nazar rakhta hai,

    Pakistan ne hamesha india per buri niyat rakhi hai
    Aur aaj unke paale saanp unhe khud dus rahe hain

    abi aage aage dekho hota hai kya

  • Ariankhanz says:

    Americas dirty war …
    Americas dirty war in Pakistan. Bloody Americans !!

  • snake13x says:

    My country is the …
    My country is the Earth.
    My religion is to help Humanity.
    My health is your health.
    My mission is to unite Humanity.

  • shaheer09shaheer says:

    @nsuenv hahaha lol …
    @nsuenv hahaha lol terorist head

  • nsuenv says:

    Thats …
    Thats sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good ,
    Great work taliban ,
    Keep killing filthy , napak , murtad , porky pakis .

  • jairam1985 says:


    Hey retard, Paki Taliban has already claimed responsibility for this attack. That proof enough for you ??? Or are you the tin foil hat type of morron who sees in every thing one big giant conspiracy ???

  • jairam1985 says:

    Lol, it’s …
    Lol, it’s wonderfull seeing porkistan tearing itself apart. That’s what you get when a country supports islamic terrorism.

  • CreativeMessage says:

    i heard no mention …
    i heard no mention of a “taliban” bomber other from the title of this stupid commercial filled video. where is the proof – news reporter.

  • Invesigator says:

    Pakistan Taliban = …
    Pakistan Taliban = CIA fronted organization to create civil war in Pakistan through terrorism
    Afghan Taliban = resistance fighters against America’s illigal genocidal occupation in Afghanistan

    The mainstream media is owned by the bad guys who want to portray Muslims as terrorists of whom countries are worthy of being occupied.

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