Suicide Bomber at Baghdad Bazaar – Aftermath

0 Suicide Bomber at Baghdad Bazaar   AftermathIf you watched my “Swords” video I show some I got from Iraq. This is the Bazaar in Baghdad near the old U.S. Embassy where I bought them. A suicide bomber blew himself up here. In the video you can see my teammate Ben Thomas (green pants, tan shirt, ball cap, M-4) and “Doc” with a green medical backpack (the one I still have and reviewed in my med bag video). The guys when to render aide and provide security after the blast.





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  • Mitchel Nordheim says:

    Wait a minute if …
    Wait a minute if you were never in the military how did you get a job as a private security contractor? I use to be in the navy and now that I’m out I am looking to try to get into being a contractor but have been told that it is difficult if you do not have military/combat expierence.

  • M82400L says:

    Quit posting …
    Quit posting GARBAGE, Shill!

  • ram07dog says:

    Phony looser, What …
    Phony looser, What happened to your CCP?

  • whitedevilrandy says:

    The real reason the …
    The real reason the marine corps. General appointed to be obamas liason was let go was he absolutly refused to agree with obama and say there was a time he would accept an order to fire on american citizens…I do not beleave any of My brothers would ever do that… They will turn the barrels first…SEMPER FI

  • whitedevilrandy says:

    Jesus kayriste is …
    Jesus kayriste is this sandy hook look out obama and cuomo are now going to ban fertilizers and sugar son of a bitch.I wounder if this guys father is in jail for whitehorse too. Hey brothers noone asked me about fukin with your money cause I would have said no give em a raise… Its time to come home and deffend the constitution at home from domestics.

  • mobflip716 says:


  • JYPanga says:

    No what James did …
    No what James did is he was a security contractor. Not sure for which security company like Blackwater but he was paid to go do his duties as kinda of like a mercenary but at the same time hes not with other security contractors working with the the military and other countries, etc.



  • John Doe says:

    Doing some …
    Doing some patriotic duties huh

  • mobflip716 says:

    so you did …
    so you did operations and tactical training in Iraq?

  • die4mycountry says:

    Wow is this where …
    Wow is this where Smuckers whole fruit jam comes from…. Cuz it looks rather similar.

  • James Yeager says:

    I have never been …
    I have never been in the Military.

  • mobflip716 says:

    Hey James,I just …
    Hey James,I just discovered your channel.What branch were you in? Thanks for your service.My brother is a Marine.

  • James Yeager says:

    That’s it brother.
    That’s it brother.

  • Paradigm SRP says:

    I remember this …
    I remember this well. It was lunch time and I had just left the DFAC. I think they hit the Green Zone cafe at the same time. Thanks for posting this…

  • EyeKnowThyWorks says:

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  • Warpath2198 says:

    I hear jews make …
    I hear jews make good head shrinks, you might want to make an appointment.

  • EyeKnowThyWorks says:

    NEVER FORGET THE USS Liberty! terrorist jew. SubvertedNation/net

  • EyeKnowThyWorks says:

    ROFLMFAO. Mossad …
    ROFLMFAO. Mossad didn’t instigate 911. They were directly involved, just like the rest of the jewish media, jewish hollywood, jewish bankers, and the jews on capitol hill who used it as an excuse to send our boys to murder arabs. While our troops get blown to by Israeli shape charges, they start wondering about the Israeli “observers” put in the field with them. Anyone can type “five dancing Israelis” into youtube and find all the evidence they need. You jews did 911. SubvertedNation/net

  • n0truescotsman says:

    show me some …

    show me some evidence, otherwise have a nice tall glass of STFU.

    Ill be waiting.
    in the meantime, read “Crossing the Rubicon” by michael ruppert. as soon as you gather 1500 footnotes and publish your book (with it ending up in the harvard business library) supporting that mossad instigating 9/11 then ill have some respect for your research.

    own up.

  • EyeKnowThyWorks says:

    Yeah, that’s why …
    Yeah, that’s why mossad agents were dressed like arabs driving around in vans full of explosives on 911. They were set up ahead of time to film the collapse, and were caught CHEERING and celebrating when it happened. I’m sure they were just psychic though, like jew Silverstein who took out “terrorism” insurance just two weeks in advance and made $10 BILLION off of it. Those mossad jews ADMITTED they were sent to “document the event”. OOOPS..caught red handed. You GTFO jew. SubvertedNation/net

  • SouthpawSurvival says:

    Right on. ‘em …
    Right on. ‘em if they are that stupid.

  • SouthpawSurvival says:

    Dude that …
    Dude that shit. I feel bad for these people who are forced to live around this and commend our soldiers and contractors who put their life at risk to aid in this chaos.

  • Alfredo Camel says:

    Mr Yeager, I would …
    Mr Yeager, I would ask as a second responder to the crime scene what is priority in these events.

    Where would triage take place.

    Are motor pools allowed given the nature of the threat (secondary detonations designed to maim and kill 1st responders)

    Did your medical kit fulfill the mass trauma crisis?

    How long did it take for surgeons to appears.

    Did the surgeons need blood transfusion donors?


    In the end of things, tone it down and work with those who can help you your still in thawar

  • Alfredo Camel says:

    I doubt Mr Yeagers …
    I doubt Mr Yeagers uploads are fouled by hacking, im sure he is haunted by many faces rigid in death not of his making. Give the man some air.

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