Suicide bomber strikes Afghan ministry

0 Suicide bomber strikes Afghan ministryAt least two people killed and three others injured in a suicide attack inside Afghan Defence Ministry in Kabul.

Monday’s attack was the third major strike inside an Afghan security force compound in four days. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports from Kabul.

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  • Obasiliasfilosofos says:

    If Mohamed was …
    If Mohamed was alive today, These clerics would incite the people too murder him.

  • Obasiliasfilosofos says:

    Given how much …
    Given how much corruption and bribery exists in Afghanistan and Pakistan these Clerics are a complete fail when it comes to guiding others into being morally upright, All they’ve been good at is whipping up lynch mobs and inciting their students to murder civilians aid workers, Their good for nothing parasites that exists only to be a corruptive influence on the people.

  • hoosierhiver says:

    “when foreign …
    “when foreign forces leave the country”?, what’s he been smoking?

  • JunnyICurosi says:


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