SUICIDE SILENCE answers your questions about ‘The Black Crown’

0 SUICIDE SILENCE answers your questions about The Black CrownSUICIDE SILENCE stopped by the Century Media US Office today and decided to take some fan questions from their official facebook page – Now they will answer your burning questions about their new album ‘The Black Crown’!

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25 Responses to “SUICIDE SILENCE answers your questions about ‘The Black Crown’”

  • MALSIV says:

    @LithiumManium1 Did …
    @LithiumManium1 Did you really have to throw in that last one -.-

  • LithiumManium1 says:

    Theres Rock .Then …
    Theres Rock .Then there’s metal. Then theres like 20,000 subgeneres…. But can’t all the genres just unite and get along? Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Behemoth, Lamb of God, Suicide Silence…. It’s all metal you guys… (except for poser like BMTH….)

  • blackheart103 says:

    @metallica378 …

  • andyscoot43 says:

    @CannabisCorpz666 …
    @CannabisCorpz666 You’re allowed to put an eye on something without it being the illuminati.

  • The420KushKing420 says:

    @pgf95 Learn to …
    @pgf95 Learn to SPELL bitch.

  • Metal2256 says:


  • metallica378 says:


  • HFCSaturdayNight says:


  • kermit9960 says:

    with slipknot!?! …
    with slipknot!?! omg! really?! that would be amazing!!<33(:

  • CannabisCorpz666 says:

    He didnt even …
    He didnt even explain the “meaning” behind the blacl crown we want to know the TRUE meaning behind the black crown and the illuminati symbol on it

  • DevilMayCryMaster666 says:

    @mnemicaxel1 Oh …
    @mnemicaxel1 Oh arent you full of knowledge ? As i said previously. SS arent Metal. Do your homework before deciding to be a knob

  • pgf95 says:

    @The420KushKing420 …
    @The420KushKing420 lick my bells bitch.

  • rorsabest says:

    @KODFISHdaBAWSS i saw an interview with mitch at warped tour. and they said they were going upto big bear to stay in a cabin with a “shit tone of weed” and write the album. so yeah, they did bud!! hahah

  • davidbriseno says:

    Im from CORONA!!!!
    Im from CORONA!!!!

  • The420KushKing420 says:

    @pgf95 you have no …
    @pgf95 you have no idea what SCENE means XD

  • norbertusxD says:

    Where i can buy …
    Where i can buy this glasses or what is firm of these or what is name of these glasses ?

  • DevouredByWolves says:

    didn’t he say he …
    didn’t he say he wanted to tour with Winds Of Plague last time? o-e

  • KODFISHdaBAWSS says:

    I bet they got high …
    I bet they got high as in that cabin.

  • mnemicaxel1 says:

    all the music in …
    all the music in the world is powerful for the mind of a people. different sounds and that is right. all the music with a same sounds, what¿?¿?..this have not sense … different people, different minds, have a different taste of music but, the music is only one thing. MUSIC

  • mnemicaxel1 says:

    all the …
    all the people talked ever of genre or “subgenre” .ey suck my dick and the dick of all people that hear the music in the world without comparing genres. suicide silence is METAL…ONLY…METAL…the sound is different to the deftones sound and they make metal too and the sound is different to the fear factory sound, this is metal too. in flames is completely different and is good metal…METAL…dimmu borgir really different but…hey matherfuckers..IS METAL

  • Shubalup says:

    Hey look a …
    Hey look a Periphery truck drives by at 3:05!

  • pgf95 says:

    fuckin scene kid.
    scene kid.

  • DevilMayCryMaster666 says:

    @DSMThornz Its not …
    @DSMThornz Its not a subgenre of Metal at all. Its a subgenre of Punk/Hardcore.
    Also, i dont know where you get that Death Metal doesnt use scales. It does use scales…. Infact it uses a fair few scales like the Harmonic Minor scale and Phyrigian.
    Another things i dont understand, is where you got the idea of Growling being a Death Metal thing. If Vocals had anything to do with a genre, that would easily make Blind Stare, Melodic Black Metal, not Melodic Death. They have nothing to do with it

  • DSMThornz says:

    @ …
    @DevilMayCryMaster666 I agree and disagree. It IS metal, but it is a SUB-genre of metal. And you are right, it is metal core with death metal elements. Like, not using scales or keys, is a death metal thing, as well as having low growls.

  • MrQwates says:

    I think that when i …
    I think that when i hear this album, it would blow out my earpussy’s

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