SUICIDE SILENCE x MONTREALITY /// Full Band Interview (Unreleased)

0 SUICIDE SILENCE x MONTREALITY /// Full Band Interview (Unreleased)We had the chance to interview Suicide Silence as a full band back in June 2012. Very sadly, Mitch Lucker, their lead singer, passed away following a motorcycle accident in October 2012. We had lost this interview due to a hardrive failure, but we’ve luckily recovered it & would like to dedicate it to the loving memory of Mitch Lucker, rest in peace.

In this interview with Montreality, Suicide Silence speak about:
- The type of students they were at school (0:34)
- Jobs they had as teenagers growing up (1:07)
- What they spent their 1st big paycheck on (2:39)
- The key to success (3:43)
- Whether or not they enjoy reading books (4:41)
- What they would call their book, if they were to write one (4:58)
- What they think they were in previous lives (6:20)
- Their last meals of choice (8:28)
- Their biggest fears (10:31)
- What they have in their pockets (12:42)
- A memorable tour story (13:19)
- Artists they would like to collaborate with (15:11)
- Their upcoming projects (17:59)

The Urban Authority across Canada.

Duration : 0:19:0

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