Suicide Silence – You Only Live Once – Official Lyric Video

0 Suicide Silence   You Only Live Once   Official Lyric VideoThe Black Crown out July 12th. Pre-Orders Now Available at

Duration : 0:3:14

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25 Responses to “Suicide Silence – You Only Live Once – Official Lyric Video”

  • errcycoo says:

    this is killer …
    this is killer. cant wait til the record comes out

  • BrokenMessiah13 says:

    FUCK YESSSSSS!!!!!! …

  • xK1Zx says:

    It’s funny how …
    It’s funny how people are saying the music has changed and it doesn’t sound the same. DUUHH! New album = new sound! And it’s not like they sound like something soft like my chemical romance or something??!! ITS DEATHCORE…ITS BRUTAUL… grow up people

  • BODOMSKATER666 says:

    not liking the …
    not liking the lyrics

  • BarzaLizmMaengNaga says:

    Religion = Bullshit …
    Religion = Bullshit ?? I quite sure that I’ve seen Mitch’s wedding in a church ~

  • BarzaLizmMaengNaga says:

    Where Alex goes ??
    Where Alex goes ??

  • dat209emokilla says:


  • monsterman3362 says:

    0:40 I was about to …
    0:40 I was about to put an axe through my computer screen because Mitch looks like Oli Sykes.

  • Cabinkrawler says:

    I was into religion …
    I was into religion for a while. Then I realised it was all aload of sucking bull-shit.

  • iAmTheEndOfTheWorld0 says:

    @kevinmm20 i didnt …
    @kevinmm20 i didnt say that did? just a comaprison to theyre other shit, takling about suicide and blugeon and murder and shit.. thats all im saying

  • TheHideousRevelation says:

    i didn’t know nu …
    i didn’t know nu metal was back in style

  • Thrashead666 says:

    @Thrashead666 By …
    @Thrashead666 By the way, I just listened to your band, it’s pretty brutal stuff dude, good work.

  • Thrashead666 says:

    @xSLAYtheWEAKx I’m …
    @xSLAYtheWEAKx I’m scene? Don’t make me laugh. My favourite bands are Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Lamb of God and Pantera. I play in a Melodic death metal band ala At The Gates and Dark Tranquility and formely a thrash band and you call me scene? Breakdowns are actually quite shit, Suicide Silence are the only band who’s breakdowns I can actually stand. So next time you make a reply to me make sure you’re not making yourself look like a idiot. Thanks.

  • TheCoonNdFriends says:

    @kalebxxx18 …
    @kalebxxx18 religious? he was against religion for a while I dunno since when, but on no time to bleed he said that he just hates religion. Same thing here what he tries to tell us, no heaven or ‘so make every second divine’ and that’s one quote that really means a lot to me.

  • TheCoonNdFriends says:

    omg, omg, omg, omg, …
    omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg omg, omg O MY COCK! they are gona release a NEW ALBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM~!

  • Spastardo says:

    U …

    U know these guys characters? They are not the deathcore guys believe me.

  • xChiChixKillsx says:

    lyrics suck though
    lyrics suck though

  • AlaskanFloundrBasket says:

    that was like 2 …
    that was like 2 steps forward in terms of music compostition and like 2 miles back in terms of lyrics. i’m not blasting the message, the message is fine, but how it’s written is simply terrible. i hope the rest of the album doesn’t have stupid lyrics

  • PullTheTriggerB1TCH says:

    the reason they …
    the reason they changed is because they made two proper crazy albums which became really popular, so loads of other deathcore bands tried to copy their sound. So then they were like ‘awwh off’ cuz they wanted to be different so they changed again to avoid making the same old stuff. There’s a video or article which mitch says this in

  • kalebxxx18 says:

    so is mitch all …
    so is mitch all religious now or whatever.

  • xModifiedxFreakx says:

    @TheAaron7861 Yeah …
    @TheAaron7861 Yeah you would think that suicide silence are the only metal band and because there now bull and i know it I must be a Katy Perry fan, Nice ;)

  • psychoticcaterpillar says:

    me has all derr …
    me has all derr me gun get dis too cuz i actuallly kno that my opinion isnt gunnna sway the bands decision on what to put out. if u dont like it then simple solution dont buy it but for all the kids out ther who actually can appreciate a change of direction in a band that still kicks then this is for you…this is my opinion NOT fact for all you internet ragers *flame shield activated* thumbs up lets do this

  • adzlt80 says:

    i love the mix of …
    i love the mix of screaming and clean vocals

  • sebastianflemingdude says:

    Fuck yeah! Smoke …
    yeah! Smoke beer

  • TheDrummingClown says:

    I can just imagine …
    I can just imagine the pits at mayhem fest now.. gonna be wild. Can’t wait!

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