Top Gun Director Tony Scott Dies Of Apparent Suicide: ENTV

0 Top Gun Director Tony Scott Dies Of Apparent Suicide: ENTVFamous Producer/Director Tony Scott known for films like Top Gun, True Romance and Unstoppable died Sunday after an apparent suicide. ABC News reported that Scott had learned he had inoperable brain cancer recently. And it is believed that the dire news Played a role in the suicide. He left behind notes to family and friends in his car prior to his death. Scott is the brother of director Ridley Scott. He is survived by his wife and twin sons.

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22 Responses to “Top Gun Director Tony Scott Dies Of Apparent Suicide: ENTV”

  • kotulkn562 says:

    Traffic was a …
    Traffic was a bitch because of the guy.

  • tenhutify says:

    gas is way to pricy
    gas is way to pricy

  • tenhutify says:

    fear is a red coler …
    fear is a red coler hurtz range

  • tenhutify says:

    make a time me …
    make a time me sheen !!!!!!!! last night you were in possession of the continuum transfunctioner. Where is it now?

  • lushie says:

    Would people stop …
    Would people stop spreading the brain cancer rumor? His family already said that allegation was false.

  • terry wower says:

    His suicide is no …
    His suicide is no surprise. Simply review his movie credits:
    Beverly Hills Cop II,
    The Last Boy Scout,
    Crimson Tide,
    The Fan,
    Enemy of the State,
    Man on Fire,
    Deja Vu,
    Pelham 123,

    Scott was used by his Hollywood Jewish handlers to exalt Blacks and demonize Whites. He despised himself for being used and ended his turmoil. His wife denies any rumors regarding a brain tumor. RIP.

  • crs78 says:

    You will be miss …
    You will be miss Mr Tony Scot thank you for the movies!

  • djdodgey123 says:

    absolute legend! …
    absolute legend! gunna miss his films so much RIP TONY

  • tenhutify says:

    did Maximus Decimus …
    did Maximus Decimus Meridius  see anything?

  • tenhutify says:

    think of all the …
    think of all the internet he can have been be jacking off too right now.

  • bryanod878 says:

    Dam such a shame to …
    Dam such a shame to see someone with all that money kill himself when I’m broke and wouldn’t do nothing like that hopefully he in a better space

  • easypeezyish says:

    who gives a …
    who gives a what john favreau thinks he sucks and i can prove it Cowboys and aliens. go back to small movie acting parts you asshole.

  • taking2withU says:

    YAWWNNNN, you gonna …
    YAWWNNNN, you gonna have to do better than that kid.

  • petrol1983 says:

    did you see the …
    did you see the fence this 68 year old apparently scaled i think a dummy was dropped and his body was planted until I see the cctv til then f**k you illuminati

  • petrol1983 says:

    when you copy and …
    when you copy and paste tony scotts wikipedia link into your facebook status update it says he died of nervous exhaust in the little paragraph but when you read the main article it doesnt appear in it try it yourself!!! wtf??!!

  • ZipZagginGallifrey says:

    Grow the up. …
    Grow the up. Illuminati doesnt exist…oh wait ,it does, in the form of crackpot morons like you.

  • Matthew Combs says:

    If you want to KNOW …
    If you want to KNOW EXACTLY without a doubt, HOW to go to HEAVEN when you die, please click on my name and watch a powerful movie trailer-like presentation called “Mankind’s Greatest Question…ANSWERED.”

  • MOPAR Fever says:

    I guess he was in

    I guess he was in

    *puts on sunglasses*



  • BrendanOC says:

    I heard he was just …
    I heard he was just chilling and someone pushed him over…

  • oddball961 says:

    why the would …
    why the would you put the music in the background?

  • tomsullivan60 says:

    Did he jump …
    Did he jump because he realized he had to make another movie with tom cruise and the other craxy liberals is CA

  • doshmosting says:


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