Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 9 “Suicide Kings” Review (Schmoes Know)

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TV Tuesday welcomes back “The Walking Dead”…Season 3 picks back up with Daryl and Merl gladiating, Andrea speeching, Michonne frowning and Rick hallucinating. Everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic zombie gorefest is back…see what the Schmoes have to say! BE A PART OF SCHMOEVILLE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=schmoesknow&annotatio…

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25 Responses to “Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 9 “Suicide Kings” Review (Schmoes Know)”

  • aniforprez says:

    frankly, i haven’t …
    frankly, i haven’t even seen this episode. seeing as all the comments point to it being WORSE than the last episodes i’m not sure i want to. i don’t know what to do. i think i’ll stick with the amazing comics and replay the fantastic game and wait for this season to get over and watch it all later

  • Rhapthorne3 says:

    I don’t think he’s …
    I don’t think he’s really messed up. I think he’s more level headed than Shane or Rick as a leader. He could’ve left Tyrese’s group when they were attacked by walkers and yet he decided to save them. I think he makes pretty rational decisions for a kid.

  • thedevman5 says:

    He hallucinates …
    He hallucinates for a while in the comics.

  • Giovanni Foulmouth says:

    Same here dude, i …
    Same here dude, i just keep watching to see the story unravel, not invested in it as much as i was in the first season

  • Giovanni Foulmouth says:

    The kid’s a moron …
    The kid’s a moron too, Michonne, Daryl and Merle are the only ones i care about.

  • Fleetleader101 says:

    Im concerned for …
    Im concerned for him though Carl is one messed up kid.

  • Fleetleader101 says:

    yeah I think Daryl …
    yeah I think Daryl will save the day at some point but he has to move on past his abusive brother. Merle, I love to hate ya but u gotta take one to the face bro.

  • aazo5 says:

    Trying to read your …
    Trying to read your comment gives me a headache.

  • Waleed Khan says:

    Yeah, it’s …
    Yeah, it’s unfortunate he had to mature that fast but it’s clear he’s practically past the bitchy teenage stage and is becoming a leader.

  • Nerdyman99 says:

    mark score is spot …
    mark score is spot on, kristen no so much

  • Nerdyman99 says:

    michones is awesome
    michones is awesome

  • Na Young Koo says:

    You see, Glen was …
    You see, Glen was awesome.


  • Joshuah Johnston says:

    I am soooo glad you …
    I am soooo glad you said what you said about Andrei’s stupid speech!!! I was afraid it was just me, also I agree about The Townspeople as extras, THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!

  • MrTomasGomes says:

    Ahahah you are sooo …
    Ahahah you are sooo right with the human extras, they were HORRIBLE! Michonne is so stupid in the tv show…. she was freaking amazing in the comics, I don’t understand why they made her like that in the tv show?!

  • jrobmcnasty says:

    This show is going …
    This show is going the way of true blood. It has gone stale. Rick is a moron, the govonor is overhyped, the bald headed old bitch, well lets just say that I understand why her husband in season 1 beat the out of her. And I can’t stand andrea. Only saving grace is the asian and the kid. The gramps is getting too “advice-y”.

  • AdventKnyght says:

    dont compare the …
    dont compare the two like that

  • David Longeuay says:

    Dude i know there …
    Dude i know there are spoilers but no comic book spoilers!

  • KevinBurker101 says:

    Good episode But I …
    Good episode But I was kinda taken out of it when that episode started to reminded of Macbeth and that’s the last thing u wanna think of when your watching one of your favourite shows :/

  • black0lightning says:

    I feel like they …
    I feel like they need to actually explain michonne,the way she was introduced was really bad,and it should not be taking this long for her to be a valid member of the group

  • black0lightning says:

    That’s a bad …
    That’s a bad comparison,he would be someone like lex luthor

  • black0lightning says:

    I have been saying …
    I have been saying this all season andrea needs to go,her purpose is pointless,and michonne will be okay once they let her get more lines and she gets accepted in the group

  • black0lightning says:

    Two different types …
    Two different types of shows cant compare

  • cn4hokies says:


  • javonipeart says:

    they are both …
    they are both great shows

  • AdamGannonTV says:

    The governor is …
    The governor is like nick fury

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