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Bath Salts Survivor!

0 Bath Salts Survivor!Link

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School Bus Driver DUI Five Times The Legal Limit Crashes While Transportion Students…

0 School Bus Driver DUI Five Times The Legal Limit Crashes While Transportion Students...BATESBURG-LEESVILLE, SC (WIS) – A little less than 24 hours after being arrested for DUI after an accident involving three school buses at Batesburg-Leesville Elementary School, a 61-year-old bus driver is out of a job.

A spokesperson with Lexington County School District Three said the district terminated 61-year-old Walter Davidson’s employment after he was formally charged with DUI and child endangerment during his first court appearance Friday morning.

Police say Davidson’s blood-alcohol level was .20, or five times the legal limit of .04 for a commercial driver, when he was involved in the accident Thursday afternoon.

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Whitney Houston FACE DOWN In The Bath Tub, Autopsy Report She Died From Possible Drug Overdose..

0 Whitney Houston FACE DOWN In The Bath Tub,  Autopsy Report She Died From Possible Drug Overdose..A “spoon with a white crystal-like substance on it” and a “white powdery substance” — which we know was later tested and determined to be cocaine — was found in the hotel room where Whitney Houston died … this according to the singer’s final autopsy report.

The report, which gives a detailed description of Whitney’s room when officials arrived, says “Located on the south portion of the counter was a small spoon with a white crystal-like substance in it and a rolled up piece of white paper, along with other miscellaneous items.”

“Located in the top drawer, in the north side of the counter were remnants of a white powdery substance, and a portable mirror on a base.” Officials found more white powder on the base of the mirror.

The report also states, “[Whitney] possibly overdosed on a narcotic substance, prescription medications, over the counter medications and alcohol.”

According to the report, Whitney’s body was discovered FACE DOWN in the bath tub … with a “bloody purge coming from her nose.” Officials say there were no signs of foul play.

The report notes Whitney had a history of substance abuse … which was evident by a “perforation of posterior nasal septum.”

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Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 81: Suicide Booth

0 Lets Play Minecraft   Episode 81: Suicide BoothThe only way to travel.


World Download (69):


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Playing Minecraft: Ep 20 – Suicide

0 Playing Minecraft: Ep 20   SuicideYou guys are awesome.


Livestream at


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RT Drug companies responsible for swine flu outbreak

2 RT Drug companies responsible for swine flu outbreakLawsuit Charges Baxter Used Dangerous Ingredients In Vaccines To Increase Profits
Questions remain over company chosen to develop swine flu vaccine

Steve Watson
Thursday, April 30, 2009

A scandal dating from January 2008, that is continuing to unfold, raises more disturbing questions over the safety of U.S. pharmaceutical company Baxter International’s vaccines.

Last year Baxter recalled almost all of its injections of the blood thinning heparin drug in the US after some patients experienced extreme – and in some cases fatal – allergic reactions, after being administered the products.

There were similar recalls by other manufacturers of Chinese-sourced heparin in Denmark, Italy, France Germany and Japan, but initial investigations found that only Baxter’s heparin vaccines were tainted.

The FDA has accused two Chinese manufacturers of being responsible for the production and shipment of the tainted vaccines, suggesting that a cheaper synthetic heparin mimic, subsequently identified as over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate (OSCS), was used to decrease costs.

However, in January 2009 a new lawsuit was filed specifically against Baxter for it’s role in the scandal.

The allegation is that the pharmaceutical giant purposefully altered an ingredient in heparin that flowed through heparin syringes to patients, resulting in pain and suffering, and sometimes death, to those affected, reported legal website Lawyers and Settlements

Somewhat ironically, the natural ingredient in heparin that was substituted in order to cut costs was a substance extracted from cooked swine intestines.

The lawsuit notes that OSCS is not found in nature, and is not approved in the United States. It accuses Baxter of using a more dangerous ingredient to “reap greater profits as a result of utilizing cheap component parts.”

(Article continues below)

As we reported earlier this week, Baxter has been chosen by the WHO to head up efforts to produce a vaccine for the Mexican swine flu that is spreading throughout the U.S. and Europe.

The decision was made despite further revelations last month that vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus were recently distributed to 18 countries by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter.

Initially, the company attempted to stonewall questions by invoking trade secrets and refused to reveal how the vaccines were contaminated with H5N1. After increased pressure they then claimed that pure H5N1 batches were sent by accident.

However, as we have highlighted, the probability of mixing a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually impossible.

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Central Nervous System Depressants Music Video

2 Central Nervous System Depressants Music VideoHypnotic tribute. A creative visual indictment of the pharmaceutical industry. A music video about central nervous system depressants and addiction

Keywords: drugs  central  nervous  system  depressants  addiction  pharmaceuticals CNS depressants ALCOHOL ALPRAZOLAM ALURATE AMBIEN  AMOBARBITAL   AMYTAL  ATARAX  ATIVAN  BENADRYL BREVITA  BUSPAR  BUSPIRONE BUTABARBITAL  BUTISOL  CENTRAX CHLORDIAZEPOXIDE CLONAZEPAM   DALMANE  DIAZEPAM  DORAL ESTRAZOLAM FLURAZEPAM  GHB(GAMMA HYDROXYBUTYRATE) HALCION HALAZEPAM HYDROXYZINE KLONIPIN  LIBRIUM LORAZEPAM LUMINAL MEBARAL MEPHOBARBITAL MYSOLINE METHOEXITAL  NEMBUTAL OXAEPAM PAXIPAM  PENTOBARBITAL  PENTOTHAL PHENOBARBITAL  PRAZEPAM PRIMIDONE PROSOM QUAZEPAM RESTORIL  RIVOTRIL ROHYPNOL (THE DATE RAPE DRUG)  SECOBARBITAL SERAX SONATA TEMAZEPAM THIOPENTAL  TRIAZOLAM  VALIUM  VISTARIL  XANAX ZALEPLON ZOLPIDEM music video k’s choice I’m not an addict WARNING USE OF THESE DRUGS CAN CAUSE: abuse abdominal pain bad dreams blurred vision constipation confusion decreased libido dependence depression difficulty urinating drowsiness dry mouth dysphoria euphoric feelings fainting feeling sleepy and uncoordinated headaches hyper activity impaired judgment impaired thinking impaired intellectual performance impotency incontinence jaundice loss of conciousness mood swings muscle twitching nausea reduced sensitivity to pain seizure slowed reflexes slurred speech staggering unusual risk-taking behaviors withdrawal DEATH Pharmacology of Addiction

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