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Valium, my addiciton in detail

0 Valium, my addiciton in detailValium, is a terrible drug that will affect you for a long time.. Please be very carefull before taking this drug… From the benzo family

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hiv positive man graphic story on his addictions.Warning Adult Content

0 hiv positive man graphic story on his addictions.Warning Adult ContentThrew my life i have had a few addictions that have nearly killed me and it is time that you knew about them.
I again do this to educate and also it helps with my past to make myself feel better.I hope you enjoy as i am brutelly honest

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Accidental Addicts – Insight – Xanax and Oxycodone Addiction

0 Accidental Addicts   Insight   Xanax and Oxycodone AddictionSBS – Insight, 31.7.2012.

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Recruits: Paramedics Series 1 Episode 5

0 Recruits: Paramedics Series 1 Episode 5For the students at college it’s one of the most important sessions of the entire course, pregnancy and delivery. 21 year old Blake soon discovers childbirth is well out of his comfort zone.

No matter how confronting, chances are each of these trainees will deliver a baby sometime during their careers. And for Jenna out on the road, that moment may well have arrived. She’s called out to a suburban home, a first time mum has gone into labour.

A high alert drug overdose propels John and Jordan into King Cross. It’s a brutal lesson in the unpredictable effects of illicit drugs. Carleigh faces a life and death situation. A man has collapsed during the family’s Sunday dinner. With a history of heart problems, and now vomiting and sweating, he could be in serious trouble.

I do not own this video. It is purely for entertainment purposes only and no profit is gain. Property of this video belongs to its rightful owner.

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Jimmy Gallaghar – Lectures from the Street (Part 1)

0 Jimmy Gallaghar   Lectures from the Street (Part 1)This film is the first part of a series of films following Jimmy Gallagher. The film is entitled Lectures from the Street as we think the experiential information Jimmy imparts to us about being a long term drug addict should be recorded. In this film he begins with talking about the dangers of injecting crack and heroin together as a snowball and drifts into focus on ritalin abuse…watch out to those that are squeamish as he shows us his scars from injecting ritalin in the 1970′s. It would be useful if workers from Canbridge Ad-Action were to see this. This is a Kringe made film and will be put in the catagory of Kringe Street.

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This is not a sure thing (not pending yet, as it’s a search for lawyers who might consider when enough clients prevail), but very much is an effort in the right direction to bringing about change to the over-prescribing of benzos, and just might result in a class action suit which benefits us all!
Your signing will however help!

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Prescription Drug Abuse / PSA Video

0 Prescription Drug Abuse / PSA VideoPrescription Drug Abuse / PSA Video. From the public domain. Most people take medicines only for the reasons their doctors prescribe them. But an estimated 20 percent of people in the United States have used prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons. This is prescription drug abuse. It is a serious and growing problem. Abusing some prescription drugs can lead to addiction. You can develop an addiction to:

Narcotic painkillers
Sedatives and tranquilizers
Experts don’t know exactly why this type of drug abuse is increasing. The availability of drugs is probably one reason. Doctors are prescribing more drugs for more health problems than ever before. Online pharmacies make it easy to get prescription drugs without a prescription, even for youngsters.

Some people experiment with prescription drugs because they think they will help them have more fun, lose weight, fit in, and even study more effectively. Prescription drugs can be easier to get than street drugs: Family members or friends could have a prescription. But prescription drugs are also sometimes sold on the street like other illegal drugs. A 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that among all youths aged 12 to 17, 6% had tried prescription drugs for recreational use in the last month.

Why? Some people think that prescription drugs are safer and less addictive than street drugs. After all, these are drugs that moms, dads, and even kid brothers and sisters use. To Angie, taking her brother’s ADHD medicine felt like a good way to keep her appetite in check. She’d heard how bad diet pills can be, and she wrongly thought that the ADHD drugs would be safer.

But prescription drugs are only safe for the individuals who actually have prescriptions for them. That’s because a doctor has examined these people and prescribed the right dose of medication for a specific medical condition. The doctor has also told them exactly how they should take the medicine, including things to avoid while taking the drug — such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or taking other medications. They also are aware of potentially dangerous side effects and can monitor patients closely for these.

Other people who try prescription drugs are like Todd. They think they’re not doing anything illegal because these drugs are prescribed by doctors. But taking drugs without a prescription — or sharing a prescription drug with friends — is actually breaking the law.

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0 The EXTREME danger of Benzodiazepines. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATIONIn this video I am describing the extremely DANGEROUS and life threatening addiction that can result from taking Benzodiazepine Drugs. Benzodiazepines are a class(A category) of drugs. Yes, Drugs are categorized. You may have heard of antihistamines(Allergy Medicines), Barbituates, Narcotics, Amphetamines, SSRI’s(Antidepressants, Eg. Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, Celexa, Effexor, Cymbalta, etc etc) NSAIDS(Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug AKA Pain Releivers. Eg. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, etc etc). All of these “classes” or categories have drugs under them that have the same purpose and work through pretty much the same methods in your brain and body. Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs that are used for the purposes of Anxiety relief, Preventing Seizures, Muscle Relaxation, And Insomnia Releif. If you are a person with any of these problems, There is a good chance that eventually a doctor or psychiatrist will try to prescribe you a benzodiazepine. However, They will most likely not inform you of the DANGEROUS AND LIFE THREATENING withdrawal symptoms that can result from coming off of them once your body has adapted to having them for awhile. I will make more videos going even MORE indepth about this later on. Because there is A lot to explain. Until then, you can leave comments if you have any questions. And I will also keep updating this description with more information.

Here is a list of most of the benzodiazepine drugs. I suggest staying away from them unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. And if you do decide to take one. Don’t get to used to the nice relief it is going to give because you have to get off of it after 2 weeks or you can start becoming addicted.

Alprazolam Xanax, Xanor, Kalma, Tafil, Alprox, Frontal(Brazil)

Bromazepam Lexotanil, Lexotan, Lexomil, Somalium, Bromam

Chlordiazepoxide Librium, Tropium, Risolid, Klopoxid

Cinolazepam Gerodorm

Clobazam Frisium

Clonazepam Klonopin, Klonapin, Rivotril

Cloxazolam Olcadil (Brazil)

Clorazepate Tranxene

Diazepam Valium, Apzepam, Stesolid, Vival, Apozepam, Hexalid, Valaxona, Ducene, Antenex

Estazolam ProSom .

Flunitrazepam Rohypnol, Fluscand, Flunipam, Hypnodorm, Ronal, Rohydorm (Brazil)

Flurazepam Dalmadorm, Dalmane

Halazepam Paxipam

Ketazolam Anxon

Loprazolam Dormonoct

Lorazepam Ativan, Temesta, Lorabenz

Lormetazepam Loramet, Noctamid, Pronoctan

Medazepam Nobrium

Midazolam Dormicum, Versed, Hypnovel, Dormonid (Brazil)

Nitrazepam Mogadon, Alodorm, Pacisyn, Dumolid

Nordazepam Madar, Stilny

Oxazepam Seresta, Serax, Serenid, Serepax, Sobril, Oxascand, Alopam, Oxabenz, Oxapax, Murelax, Alepam


Pinazepam Domar

Prazepam Centrax

Quazepam Doral

Temazepam Restoril, Normison, Euhypnos Nocturne, Temaze or Temtabs

Tetrazepam Mylostan

Triazolam Halcion, Rilamir

I would also encourage you to read the following to read the following :

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Marijuana Dangerous, Addictive? (DOJ)

0 Marijuana Dangerous, Addictive? (DOJ)The Department of Justice is arguing that marijuana has no medical use and a high potential for abuse and addiction like heroin. Richard Eskow of Campaign For America’s Future and Misty Kingma discuss.

The Largest Online News Show in the World.





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The Abuse of Prescription Drugs / Documentary Video

0 The Abuse of Prescription Drugs / Documentary VideoThe abuse of prescription drugs is quickly becoming an epidemic. They’re easy to get and simple to distribute. Gone are the days when people need to go to a seedy street corner to get high. Now, they just need to go to a medicine cabinet or visit the doctor.

While many communities are just beginning to figure out how to handle this legal drug problem, anti-drug groups in Tennessee have had a head start. For years, Tennessee held the unwanted distinction as the nations top state for prescription drug abuse. That is changing, thanks to hard work and cooperation.

The people from Tennessee will share their experiences during this hour-long MCTFT broadcast. There will be no expert panel discussion, just advice from the people in the field.

Learn how citizens in Tennessee discovered the problem and took control. Hear from coalition leaders, law enforcement, doctors, pharmacists, insurance executives, and others. See what they did so you can bring it into your own communities.

Learning Objectives:

See how anti-drug groups in Tennessee discovered the prescription drug problem
Find out how cooperation is making a difference
Learn what law enforcement officers are seeing and how they are adapting to the new drug problems
Hear how health care providers are trying to protect themselves and their patients

From the public domain, courtesy of the Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT)

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