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Drugs On Camera

0 Drugs On CameraGood luck with your mushrooms! And remember if the casting director says no, tell him: “Baby, why don’t we cast my tongue on your dick” and YOU WILL get it. #reachingforthestars

-Mauro icon smile Drugs On Camera

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Angry about drug addicts

0 Angry about drug addictsIt won’t let me upload the full video it’s too long ended up being 16 minutes I hope a majority of it posts

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The Treatment Center Orlando, Florida Detox from Home, Alcohol Drug Rehab, Substance Abuse Treatment

0 The Treatment Center Orlando, Florida Detox from Home, Alcohol Drug Rehab, Substance Abuse TreatmentFree Ebook: ‪‬
Why cant I detox from home?
Drug Rehab Lake Worth, Florida Call 877-446-1342 Alcohol Rehab Detox.
Alcohol rehab video introduces a program to quit drinking, end alcohol abuse, stop binge-drinking or break any bad habit or addiction. Before checking into any other alcohol rehab or treatment facility, and to learn how to stop drinking alcohol, visit ‪‬ to get help with any drinking problem.

We offer residential drug treatment, alcohol rehab and drug detox.

The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches- Alcohol Detox, Alcohol Treatment, Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab

The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches are the pioneers of Residential Day drug and Alcohol Treatment.

We offer the complete package for those suffering from alcohol addiction and drug dependence, from the initial assessment, through drug or alcohol detox (if required), and then into the intensive drug & alcohol treatment program.

The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches in Florida is some of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation throughout the country. The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches in Florida is becoming a top choice for addicts and alcohol

The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches is seeking to help those who are asking questions like what is an addiction, what is alcoholism, what is drug abuse, what are alcohol effects, what do I do if I have a drug abuse addiction, and how can I help someone with an alcohol and drug abuse addiction?
The Treatment has helped many people with addictions to drugs and alcohol. Alcoholism is becoming popular with many people who are trying to cope with past difficulties. Drug abuse is not the answer to life’s hang-ups. There is help for those who are willing to face there substance abuse lifestyle. Alcohol effects people in ways that alters their behavior to where they may not even see what their family sees.
If your looking for help or know someone who needs help, The Treatment Center is here to be a resource that you can use to understand the freedom from Alcohol and drug abuse.  Get your questions answered about drug abuse addiction so you can help those around you.  

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Get your free E-Book!
Alcohol drug detox , The Treatment Center, a drug treatment programs, Florida Assisting in Substance Abuse Treatment

The Treatment Center, a drug rehab centers in Florida , is specialized in addiction treatment for all people looking to be clean and sober from the drugs, alcohol, addictions, and disorders. We are also a dual diagnosis program that specializes in anxiety disorder, eating disorders, depression, panic attacks, and mood disorders.

The Treatment Center, an alcohol rehab center, is fortunate to be able to service all 50 states and US territories.

The Treatment Center, an Alcohol detox center, professional Physicians, Therapist, and support staff in Florida are serious about finding solutions for your alcohol drug detox , alcohol rehab , and alcohol treatment so we can provide you with all your addiction treatment needs.

The Treatment Center, an alcohol treatment center, in Florida
• Inpatient Treatment
• Partial Hospitalization
• Intensive Outpatient
Substance abuse candidates begin an alcohol abuse treatment in an Alcohol rehab center in Florida, from any state or US territory.

The Treatment Center in Florida Fill Tough Addiction Treatment

The Treatment Center in Florida helps the other 49 states, has the unique capability of filing running a successful substance abuse treatment center. The Treatment Center teams of healthcare professionals are trained and able to help the patient through many avenues and resources.

But the mere thought of detox and drug rehab — especially the withdrawal process — fills you with anxiety.

Do not let your fear of withdrawal prevent you from getting sober, and living the life you deserve. Our addiction treatment professionals take all the fear and worry out of the picture. Our detox philosophy is medically safe and comfortable for you.

The Treatment Center Professional Highly Trained Health Care Professionals in Florida can help you today.

The Treatment Center staff is the most experienced Substance Abuse Treatment staff in Florida, call 877-446-1342 now.


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PDHPE Movie | A Typical Drug Addict: ICE

0 PDHPE Movie | A Typical Drug Addict: ICEFIRST; WATCH IN 1080p
AFTER A GAZILLION ATTEMPTS TO UPLOAD THIS MOVIE; Connection Interruption, Processing Failed, Comes this Amazing movie for our PDHPE Assessment task. This video is about Drugs and us Portraying a way to present them in an Entertainment Fashion.
PakiiProductions Presents ‘A Typical Drug Addict: ICE’. This video also uses the drug Tobacco, but mainly focuses on a boy named Hamed who is influenced by his Friend ‘Karim’ to take drugs. He is met up with a gang of drug dealers Smoking cigarettes and Bong. What will happen to such an innocent boy….. Find out NOW !

This video is for entertainment use only. Please do not smoke and never do. Smoking kills.


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Joey Kovar dead at 29: ‘Real World’ star battled drug and alcohol addiction

0 Joey Kovar dead at 29: Real World star battled drug and alcohol addictionJoey Kovar — the troubled “Real World” star who appeared on “Celebrity Rehab” — was found dead at a friend’s home near Chicago this morning … and family members believe drugs are to blame …
Kovar was 29 years old.

Kovar’s rep tells TMZ … Joey was discovered by a female friend early this morning who noticed blood coming out of Joey’s ears and nose.

The woman called 911 … and authorities rushed to the scene where he was pronounced dead.
Kovar had famously battled drug issues — and sought help for cocaine and ecstasy during his stint on “Celeb Rehab.”

While on “Real World: Hollywood,” Kovar entered rehab halfway through the season for alcohol and drugs, admitting he’d struggled with substance abuse for years. It was a pretty powerful moment on the show.

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Rock star rehab mirrors our lives

0 Rock star rehab mirrors our livesMost all rehab clinics in America are profit run, which means they earn more money if they can get a person to stay longer. Many Rehab clinics charge $2,000.00 per night or more, and try to tell everyone who comes in that they have all kinds of mental illnesses which there are no medical tests to prove.

For Rock stars or anyone in Rehab, where the hospital is trying to convince that person or his family that the person really should stay in longer, simply file this Statement of Competency to show the person has no need to stay any longer in the hospital.

Statement of Competency

Guidelines for Starting up a Rock band

Guidelines for Morals

For anyone who was in Rehab, submit this Statement of Competency, so they don’t try to bother you in the future to get you to come back in for expensive $2,000 a night “treatment” which is usually the same thing as you sleeping it off in your own house.

The book “No Contest” shows how people do better when they cooperate with each other, instead of competing against each other.

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Naltrexone – The DrugAlcohol Cure is Here

0 Naltrexone   The DrugAlcohol Cure is HereNaltrexone breaks the cycle of addiction and brings new hope for alcohol dependence and opiate drug addiction. Naltrexone is one of the first anti-craving medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the treatment of alcoholism and opiate addiction.

Naltrexone comes in two forms:

1) Vivirol®-an injectable time released form of naltrexone that is taken once a month. Click to visit Vivitrol’s website for more information.

2) ReVia© or naltrexone- taken daily in pill form.

Here are some of the many benefits of naltrexone in the treatment of drug and alcohol dependence:
• Most patients experience dramatic reductions in craving within hours of taking the first dose.

• Naltrexone blocks the high of alcohol and narcotics, reducing the incentive to drink or use drugs and significantly increasing treatment success.

• Naltrexone is a non-habit forming medication that can be discontinued at any time.

• Naltrexone can be given with other medications, especially those used to treat depression and other such psychiatric conditions.

• Naltrexone works best when used in combination with relapse-prevention therapies.

From a clinical psychiatrist:
“Naltrexone does work very well in about 75% of people who try it. No detox/hospitalization cost. It only fails in 12% of people who give it a chance. Only 10% of people drop out of treatment since it is so easy. It may not work unless you wait a full hour before you start drinking after taking the pill. A must read on the subject would be The Cure for Alcoholism by Roy Eskapa.”

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Narconon Drug Rehab News Arizona

0 Narconon Drug Rehab News Arizona Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehab News. Arizona News talks about the successful Narconon Arrowhead program which has over a 70% success rate. Call 1-800-468-6933

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0 ME MY DRUGS AND IThe song that someone HAD to write. (lyrics below)

Me My Drugs And I

Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, Cory Haim
Lortab, rehab, suicide, John Belushi, Boogie Nights
Oxycontin, sells itself, Intervention, get some help
Amy Whinehouse, overdose, lost The King Of Rock ‘N Roll

Me My Drugs And I Wavin’ My Life Bye Bye Bye
Long Black Hearse Standin’ By Me My Drugs And I

Woke up in some strangers home, Robert Downy, Casey Jones
Red lights flashin’, wake up call, my reflection on the wall
Captain Jack, Courtney Love, bath tubs, shotguns, 911
Doesn’t matter, black or white, moonwalk toward that blinding light

Janis Joplin, Charlie Sheen, Winning while I’m losing me
Ledger found that twisted place, in the joker’s painted face
Arm tracks, dime bags, on the street, scored it where I shouldn’t be
Out of body , up all night, break on through to the other side

Downers, uppers, found her nude, 12 step, relapse, Dr. Drew
On a bender, pawned my stuff, lost my family, lost my buzz
Jimmi Hendrix, kiss the sky, I tried to quit a thousand times
Vomit, handcuffs, heart attack, get this monkey off my back

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International Day against Drug Abuse-Iran Today-07-03-2012

0 International Day against Drug Abuse Iran Today 07 03 2012Modern medicine is yet to find a cure for a devastating disease that affects the mind even more than it does the body.

Every year up to 270 million people have a brush with this terrible infliction, at least that’s how many cases are reported.

Many of them never return to life as they knew it, they lose everything they have, and a quarter of a million of them lose their lives.

Unlike many diseases that are more likely to take down the elderly or the poor, this one is more likely to afflict the young, and surprisingly, those from higher income families living in developed nations. Drug addiction is a disease of the mind that threatens every society in the world.

War torn Afghanistan is where most of these drugs are produced, and Iran, which shares more than 900 kilometers of border with this country, is the main transit route for the trafficking of drugs to Europe.

Iran has fought long and hard to change that, so in this edition of the show we will be talking about Iran’s struggle with the drug trade in honor of the International Day against Drug Abuse.

Watch this video on our website:

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