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Exercise and Relapse Prevention

0 Exercise and Relapse PreventionIn this “Recovery Tools” episode, a medical doctor from a well known addiction treatment center explains how exercise helps recovering addicts prevent relapse.

We are a nationally recognized drug and alcohol treatment center committed to providing compassionate care to each of our patients. The Joint Commissions on Accreditations of Health Care Organizations has awarded The Treatment Center Gold Seal Accreditation for our superior quality of care in the substance abuse treatment centers field.

Our staff is a team of highly trained, highly skilled addiction professionals who understand the complexities of addiction and treat the disease through contemporary methods. We offer the following services:

• In-patient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
• Full Medical Drug and Alcohol Detox by Board Certified Physicians
• Dual Diagnosis Substance Abuse Treatment
• Individual and Group Therapy
• Holistic Pain Treatment (following pain pill detox)
• Acupuncture
• Massage Therapy
• Cognitive Behavior Therapy
• EMDR Therapy

In addition to our traditional residential treatment program, we offer a Christian substance abuse treatment center, Road Less Traveled. We also offer our GO program, designed to assist our patients transition from in-patient treatment to sober living.

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NEW WEIGHTLOSS SUPPLIMENT!! Signature Skinny Indigo “Detox Transformation”

0 NEW WEIGHTLOSS SUPPLIMENT!! Signature Skinny Indigo Detox TransformationI started August 16th
Here is where you can purchase Signature Skinny

They have an awesome Facebook page with pics of people who had real motivational results. Please “like” their page and tell them i sent you.

I will provide the links to my other pages soon. In the mean time you can catch me on instagram: SexxyFarrah

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Kim Lyons Talks About Detox Diet

0 Kim Lyons Talks About Detox DietKim Lyons talks about detox diet
Here’s a simple detox plan for you to kick off the new Year.

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♥ BEAUTY DETOX ♥ Glowing Green Juice

0 ♥ BEAUTY DETOX ♥ Glowing Green JuiceRecipe for GLOWING skin!! ; D
Glowing Green Juice!
Through a Juicer –
1 bunch kale or spinach
3 or 4 stalks of organic celery
1 organic apple (remover core)
1/2 an organic lemon (in the video you see me press a whole lemon through the juicer!! I love the tart lemon taste… but you don’t have to use a whole lemon if you don’t want too hehe)

***I also pressed through a bit of ginger root for a spicier flavor!
Use your imagination – most fruits & veggies will blend beautifully together!

Don’t let your veggies & fruit go to waste – I always take whatever is about to spoil & make a ton of juice! Even salads from the night before ; D

Good Luck everyone!!

Check out Aprils Glowing Green Smoothie demo –



xoxo ~ Tati

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California Animal Rehabilitation – Sammi from Quadriplegic to Running

0 California Animal Rehabilitation   Sammi from Quadriplegic to RunningSammi from his first visit not being able to move to his running days. Sammi had a degenerative change in his neck suddenly and became quadrapalegic. His owners brought him to CARE for comprehensive rehabilitation from both veterinarians and physical therapists certified in canine rehabilitation.Here is Sammi’s progression through therapy! AMAZING! Thanks to Sammi’s amazing doctors and owners!
Thanks California Animal Rehabilitaiton located in Santa Monica, CA. CARE is the first pet rehab clinic in southern california with certified professionals.

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Guy tripping on Ecstasy

0 Guy tripping on EcstasyGuy tripping to Ecstasy at an early 90′s club

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2012: Anorexia – Killing Myself Slowly – Part 3

0 2012: Anorexia   Killing Myself Slowly   Part 3Within this interview I am sharing how I experienced myself in the beginning stages of anorexia.
I am now 12 years old and much has changed in both my external world and also within my internal reality. I have moved away from my abusive father but have I really moved away from abuse at all? I brought the abuse with me and I started to create myself from the starting-point of “I deserve abuse” – I became abuse and everything that it contains. I started to create a desire, want and need to hurt myself physically and I will share why I experienced that within my video.

I will go through the stages of how I slowly but surely stopped eating, what it was that triggered me to lose weight and why I did that to myself, what it was that made me want to hurt myself so badly — to the extent that I would start to cut myself in order to “deal” with my internal pain and anxiety.
I will explain how I experienced myself both physically and mentally and also were my desire to lose weight came from.

I would start to cut down on certain foods but when I “failed” to follow my strict rules I would punish myself, either through extensive exercise, throwing up or cutting myself.
When I am 13 years old I have stopped participating within gymnastics due to anxiety and due to the experience of “not being good enough”. Instead I start to exercise extensively on my own – I wanted to see how far I could push myself and my body. When I would push myself to the utter limit of what is physically possible I would experience a sort of adrenaline-rush and this experience is something that I will become completely addicted to. I will start to do whatever it takes just to be able to experience this again but after a while I will have to push myself harder to be able to experience the adrenaline. This is when I stop to care about anything at all except losing weight. I don’t care about anything or anyone anymore.

This is also a period of time in were I start to create a severe self-hate against myself and my physical body. I would start to hurt myself in all ways possible and I became completely obsessed and addicted to self-abuse. I would do whatever I could just to feel pain.
I’m sharing all the details of what I did to myself just to change my physical appearance and why I wanted to change so badly. I’m also walking through the consequences that came with this — what was the body’s response to this self-abuse? What happens when a person starve him/herself? Find out the real truth in my video, I will also share more details about this subject in my upcoming videos since the consequences is something that I am still facing today.

I’m going through an extensive fear of “being in the way” or taking up space/time/attention from others and because of this fear I decided not to speak to anybody about my experience that I had in regards to myself and my physical body. I fear that others will see me or think that I am being a pain in the so I shut myself off from reality and instead put on a fake smile.
This is where my process of lying and deceiving starts and after a while I will become nothing but a lie. I will start to deceive everybody to the extent in were I almost starts to believe in the lies myself. What is it that makes a person so afraid of telling others the truth about what one is going through/experiencing? What was it that I so badly wanted to hide from others? This is points that I will walk through within this interview.
When I start this lying-process I will experience sooo much loneliness but after a while I will become so used to it that I will never dare to open myself up to anybody for the next 10 years to come.
This is 10 years later and I am now going through the process of exposing who I was/am and my process of re-birthing myself in self-honesty.

If you are interested in how I am walking this process of re-birthing myself with self-honesty and self-forgiveness you can check out my blog;

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Stop Withdrawals from Oxycontin, Methadone, Heroin, Dilaudid & Vicodin w/ NonPrescription Meds Part1

0 Stop Withdrawals from Oxycontin, Methadone, Heroin, Dilaudid & Vicodin w/ NonPrescription Meds Part1How to Stop Opiate Withdrawals with Over the Counter Medications – Part 1 (Stop Withdrawals caused by Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Methadone, Dilaudid, Morphine, Ultram, Heroin, etc.)

My voice is hard to understand, I talk fast, and I switch topics often. – My apologies

Here is the link to Me taking 100 pills – The first dosage of 300 total: (To make the point that I am still alive after taking this large of a dose.)

Here is the link to Part 2:

Here is the link to Part 3:

Some individuals may need to watch all three videos to understand everything, completely.

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2012: Anorexia Almost Killed Me – Introduction

0 2012: Anorexia Almost Killed Me   IntroductionThis is my introduction video to my story of anorexia, which will become a series of videos created as a timeline. In this video interview I am shortly covering what it is that I will be walking through and explaining in my upcoming interviews so that you get perspective on what to expect.
I am going to share with you my story of how I grew up, from the age of 6, what it was in my world and my reality that lead me to develop an eating disorder and how I never got free even though I went to several different treatments and rehabilitation-centers. I explain how my eating disorder started and how I experienced myself within that. What can you do as a parent if your child suffers from an eating disorder? And how can you prevent this from ever occurring? Why don’t the treatments work? What does work? How can you stop an eating disorder? Can you be cured from an eating disorder? What helped me?

Through me, sharing my personal story of how I grew up you can get a better perspective on what it is that leads a child to stop eating. I am sharing what an eating disorder actually is and how it can manifest in its most severe forms. What is it that leads a person to starve her/himself?

I will not sugarcoat or glorify what it actually is to suffer from anorexia/bulimia — I will tell you the real brutal truth and all the details, I will share with you what goes on in an anorexics mind, what is the thought-patterns, what is the experiences, why isn’t it simply just to start eating again? Does an eating disorder have anything to do with eating/food at all? Why was it impossible for me to start eating? Are people with eating disorders just spoiled brats? How do the media influence a person with anorexia/bulimia? Is this just a welfare-problem? I will be covering this and so much more in my upcoming videos.

I was unable to stop this on my own — I would have been dead right now I wouldn’t have received the help that I got from Desteni and my agreement-partner. This is not something that a person can do/go through alone — when anorexia/bulimia becomes a complete possession than it will lead the person to slowly killing oneself and therefor major assistance and support is required.

I will dedicate my life to help others in the way that I got help so that we together can stop the self-abuse and self-hate, to finally be able to start directing oneself and start to live for the first time ever.

It’s never too late — I was balancing on a fine line between death and life and just when I was sure I was going to die I actually got help to stop and change. I am still here today and with a lot of help from the participants in the Desteni-group I have now stood up from hell. I will share my story unconditionally and if you require more assistance/support — don’t hesitate to contact me.

In my blog I will share specific self-forgiveness-statements in relation to what it is that I am speaking about in each video interview, so that you can get further support in what tools you can use to stop the thought-patterns, behaviors and memories.
My Blog;


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Twist and Detox: Yoga Journal to Go

0 Twist and Detox: Yoga Journal to GoGive your digestive system a natural boost with this twisting, detoxifying practice. This sequence by Kathryn Budig, from the Yoga Journal To Go podcast series, is designed to cleanse both your body and clear your mind with a sequence that will heat and create space in the body, aiding in digestion and mental clarity.

For more Yoga Journal videos, visit

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