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E3. Is Your Drug Addiction All Your Fault?

0 E3. Is Your Drug Addiction All Your Fault?Hey, guys, I hope this vlog makes you think! I should note that I forgot to include yet another reason the government would love to see you addicted to drugs is to discredit you and have you taken out of the way — it’s easy to throw pills in your face, get you hungry for them and then tell you you have a problem and have you locked away where, when you try to tell the truth against them, they can simply say, “Why would you trust a drug addict?”

Don’t be fooled into thinking the government personally cares about you guys. It’s all greed. If they’re not making money off your problems, you’re wasting their time.

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“They said it was safe”:
“Painkillers fuel growth in drug addiction”:
“OTC painkillers ‘can cause addiction within 3 days’”:
“25 Shocking Facts That Prove the Entire US Health Care Industry Has Become One Giant Money Making Scam”:
“War on Drugs an Epic Fail”:
“If ‘rehab’ is so marvelous, how come up to 80% of addicts relapse?”:

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PDHPE Movie | A Typical Drug Addict: ICE

0 PDHPE Movie | A Typical Drug Addict: ICEFIRST; WATCH IN 1080p
AFTER A GAZILLION ATTEMPTS TO UPLOAD THIS MOVIE; Connection Interruption, Processing Failed, Comes this Amazing movie for our PDHPE Assessment task. This video is about Drugs and us Portraying a way to present them in an Entertainment Fashion.
PakiiProductions Presents ‘A Typical Drug Addict: ICE’. This video also uses the drug Tobacco, but mainly focuses on a boy named Hamed who is influenced by his Friend ‘Karim’ to take drugs. He is met up with a gang of drug dealers Smoking cigarettes and Bong. What will happen to such an innocent boy….. Find out NOW !

This video is for entertainment use only. Please do not smoke and never do. Smoking kills.


Duration : 0:8:8

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How to Breastfeed: Drinking Alcohol

0 How to Breastfeed: Drinking AlcoholLearn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master:
Some mothers may be concerned that when they drink alcohol it will be passed through their breast milk to their baby. 

It’s true that alcohol does pass into a mother’s breast milk, but usually only in small amounts. Drinking alcohol in moderation is safe when you’re breastfeeding. Experts agree that consuming one alcoholic beverage per day is a safe amount for breastfeeding mothers. This is equal to one 12 oz. beer, one glass of wine or 1.5 oz. of hard liquor. 

However, it’s important to keep track of the time passed since consuming alcohol. For example, 30 to 60 minutes after drinking, the levels of alcohol peak in a mother’s blood and with it, her breast milk. At this point, a small amount of alcohol passes into the breast milk. 

Another factor to consider is that alcohol has been shown to suppress oxytocin, which is a hormone involved in lactation. When this hormone is suppressed, a baby will receive less milk from the mother when breastfeeding. 

One option for reducing your baby’s exposure to alcohol is by pumping and discarding your breast milk during the peak alcohol level. Another option is to pump breast milk beforehand and use it to feed your baby when your alcohol level is high. 

For more information about alcohol and breastfeeding, you can go to the Infant Risk Center at to make an informed decision of your own.

Read more by visiting our page at:

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Naltrexone – The DrugAlcohol Cure is Here

0 Naltrexone   The DrugAlcohol Cure is HereNaltrexone breaks the cycle of addiction and brings new hope for alcohol dependence and opiate drug addiction. Naltrexone is one of the first anti-craving medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the treatment of alcoholism and opiate addiction.

Naltrexone comes in two forms:

1) Vivirol®-an injectable time released form of naltrexone that is taken once a month. Click to visit Vivitrol’s website for more information.

2) ReVia© or naltrexone- taken daily in pill form.

Here are some of the many benefits of naltrexone in the treatment of drug and alcohol dependence:
• Most patients experience dramatic reductions in craving within hours of taking the first dose.

• Naltrexone blocks the high of alcohol and narcotics, reducing the incentive to drink or use drugs and significantly increasing treatment success.

• Naltrexone is a non-habit forming medication that can be discontinued at any time.

• Naltrexone can be given with other medications, especially those used to treat depression and other such psychiatric conditions.

• Naltrexone works best when used in combination with relapse-prevention therapies.

From a clinical psychiatrist:
“Naltrexone does work very well in about 75% of people who try it. No detox/hospitalization cost. It only fails in 12% of people who give it a chance. Only 10% of people drop out of treatment since it is so easy. It may not work unless you wait a full hour before you start drinking after taking the pill. A must read on the subject would be The Cure for Alcoholism by Roy Eskapa.”

Duration : 0:4:19

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Britney Spears Coffee Disaster

0 Britney Spears Coffee Disaster

TV Host GiGi

Britney Spears is not the only one who wishes she could bathe in a Frappuccino. I bet the whole X Factor team wants a coffee bath so they can deal with all those “fabulous” singers!

How many of you wish that you could have unlimited refills of your favorite coffee drink? (Or maybe have a coffee IV inserted in your arm?)

Sadly a majority of those drinks are LADEN with fat and calories (AND SUGAR) that do absolutely NOTHING for your waist line.

Starbucks Nutrition Facts:

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Nutrition Facts:

Seattle’s Best Coffee Nutrition Facts:

Tim Horton’s Nutrition Facts:

SO you might as well just watch my video and TAKE my advice!

Wet T Shirt Contest
Black Coffee is Healthy

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Episode Ten coming July 10, 2012! So subscribe to the GiGi Eats Celebrities Channel and/or get the e-mail newsletter at

An iDalis Media Production

Duration : 0:2:30

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Demi Lovato On Eating Disorder And X-Factor

0 Demi Lovato On Eating Disorder And X FactorDemi Lovato On Eating Disorder And X-Factor
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Demi Lovato fights to stay healthy — and opens up about how she still copes in this new interview! She talks about the pressures of rehab, along with her day to day struggles.

She is constantly busy and continues inspiring fans with her accomplishments – taking a seat as a judge on X-Factor which starts up next month!!

With Demi and Britney joining X-Factor, we’re sure to be in for a fun filled season! Check it out this September 12th!!!

Duration : 0:2:27

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Antidepressant Withdrawal – 10 Ways to Alleviate it Part 2/Jak złagodzić zespół odstawienny cz 2

0 Antidepressant Withdrawal   10 Ways to Alleviate it Part 2/Jak złagodzić zespół odstawienny cz 2A list of ten things we can do to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal
from psychoactive drugs.

Video by Luc

Napisy po polsku; ikona “CC”

Music; Dexter Britain “Night’s Tale”


Duration : 0:4:18

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I’m A Child Anorexic (Documentary)

0 Im A Child Anorexic (Documentary)BBC documentary focusing on Rhodes Farm – a treatment clinic specialising in children suffering from anorexia.

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Duration : 0:56:7

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Praying for Melia’s Recovery

0 Praying for Melias RecoveryIt is a long road to recovery after surviving a drug overdose. Far too many families are experiencing the devastating emotional and financial burden that follows such a tragic event. Prescription drug abuse is a growing epidemic and our youth are falling prey to deadly addicting medications that are being touted as “the greatest high”.
The trouble is, kids don’t realize the side effect of these addictive pills is brain injury or death.
Our heartfelt thanks go to the entire staff at Wilcox hospital who were so wonderful and caring for Melia through her most critical stages. We also thank the dear friends who volunteered their time to help Melia through some very intense times. Also we extend our gratitude to each person involved with her treatment on Oahu.

Duration : 0:4:28

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Antidepressant prescriptions: How many pills is that?

0 Antidepressant prescriptions: How many pills is that?Video by Luc

Music; Dexter Britain „Collapsing Time”


Duration : 0:5:36

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