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0 ME MY DRUGS AND IThe song that someone HAD to write. (lyrics below)

Me My Drugs And I

Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, Cory Haim
Lortab, rehab, suicide, John Belushi, Boogie Nights
Oxycontin, sells itself, Intervention, get some help
Amy Whinehouse, overdose, lost The King Of Rock ‘N Roll

Me My Drugs And I Wavin’ My Life Bye Bye Bye
Long Black Hearse Standin’ By Me My Drugs And I

Woke up in some strangers home, Robert Downy, Casey Jones
Red lights flashin’, wake up call, my reflection on the wall
Captain Jack, Courtney Love, bath tubs, shotguns, 911
Doesn’t matter, black or white, moonwalk toward that blinding light

Janis Joplin, Charlie Sheen, Winning while I’m losing me
Ledger found that twisted place, in the joker’s painted face
Arm tracks, dime bags, on the street, scored it where I shouldn’t be
Out of body , up all night, break on through to the other side

Downers, uppers, found her nude, 12 step, relapse, Dr. Drew
On a bender, pawned my stuff, lost my family, lost my buzz
Jimmi Hendrix, kiss the sky, I tried to quit a thousand times
Vomit, handcuffs, heart attack, get this monkey off my back

Duration : 0:3:53

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Birmingham Cocaine: Help I want to stop my cocaine abuse right now

0 Birmingham Cocaine: Help I want to stop my cocaine abuse right now Birmingham cocaine help “I want to stop taking cocaine right now” or “can’t you help me with my cocaine habit, I don’t care what it costs I just want to stop abusing coke” is something Birmingham cocaine addiction expert Debbie Williams hears often from people who want help with their cocaine habit.
If you want to stop taking cocaine right now and will travel to Birmingham, west midlands then NLP trainer and Hypnotherapist Debbie will help you to stop your cocaine abuse.
Many have travelled from London, Manchester and even flown in to Birmingham to see Debbie Williams to get help to stop taking cocaine.
Link back to the top Birmingham Cocaine help I want to stop my Cocaine abuse right now

Duration : 0:3:28

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Light Up My Jay Fullov Kush

0 Light Up My Jay Fullov KushJay Fullov Kush Light Up My Instrumental

Duration : 0:2:53

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merkury – Mein Kampf

0 merkury   Mein KampfDOWNLOAD HERE:



When i spit – i split a minute into infinite distinct divisible indistinguishable increments
in a rigorous synthesis of my thinking and instinctiveness,
i blink and in a single instant i feel a deep divinity sinking in -
i’m on the brink of completely syncing my mental signals -
i just pull the strings so i leave no fingerprints lingering -
yes i’m the kingpin cuz im the one that brings it in -
but the hustle, drugs and money, i be on some bigger things -

and though i’m stuck in the struggle -
i’m still emerging from the rubble, untouched – if i’ma buckle
and the only way to shut me up is cuffs and a muzzle
but still its probably not enough, and if you judge me, then YOU -

the fact is that you act as if you practice what you preach,
but when you have to take a stand, you’re falling back into your seat -
… and you’re distracted by ideas you can’t grasp,
so you’re detached from reality – that’s just weak,

and now you’re sabatoging me?
but actually your ignorance the same as chains and shackles on your feet -
i’m casually stacking up the casualties,
how i manage the anonimity is baffling police -

catastrophe and tragedy just happen to me,
when i look in the mirror… i see satan staring back at me -
i see a shattered hollow shell of a human,
and now amount of drug abuse can undo it or fill the cracks in me -

and yes its sad to see, i’d rather be on blow and meth,
than sober living my fantasy of a slow death,
got no regrets – except i haven’t overdosed yet -
my own exposure’s the only dope that could pose a threat -

i wanna get a hold of your throat and just CHOKE YOU TO DEATH -
and squeeze the life out of you, fighting til i’ve broken your NECK -
and stare into your eyes, while you writhe for your final breath,
it’s quite disturbing the murderous urges i possess…

the lie detector test, the judge and the jury
all agree that i’m something worse, they refer to me as a dire threat,
society is tied up in my spider web,
my rhymes are like a virus, infecting minds with my dialect…

til i’m at rest, i am consuming every substance,
cuz thats the only way that i can truly ever function -
sometimes i ask why god would choose me for this judgement,
but then it hits me that the universe is nothing

and i’m just a puppet stuck under my self destruction
and i’ll never get above it,
cause the drugs the only one thing, that numb me from the suffering,
i never get enough of it -

i’m just another number to the government -
the budget for corrupting the public is our freedom,
we’re forced into aborting important things we believe in…

we’re sheep, and the devil is our sheperd -
it’s pressed me to obsession with death like hannibal lecter,
any measures necessary taken, no matter how desperate…
no exorcist can affect it, the devil’s been ressurected INSIDE ME,

you’ll wake up in the ambulance, bandaged up on the IV -
damaged so badly you can’t even cry or sleep,
so as you slowly drift away and die, you’re weeping SILENTLY…



though no one understands me,
my lonely and cold heart -
is part of what sparked my focus and motive to up the ante -

and you can tell from my mind state that i ain’t sober,
i’m popping pills until my EYES GLAZE OVER -
and you can tell that i’m empty from my composure,
every day that i’m alive my mortal soul grows colder….

Duration : 0:3:56

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Why I don’t drink, a look into my past with alcohol – Battlefield 3 Gameplay Commentary

0 Why I dont drink, a look into my past with alcohol   Battlefield 3 Gameplay CommentaryI don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Not a moral nazi and not telling you not to drink. Quite the opposite actually, drink all you see fit and have great time! I, however, chose not to. This is a long commentary about experiences in my childhood that influenced my decision not to drink. The gameplay that you’re seeing is three different games with my project PTFO partner . The first match is a 12v12 Squad Rush on Sienne Crossing on BF3 Xbox360 where we managed to defend in the first round. The other two matches are much more difficult 4v4 Squad Rush games on Kharg Island and Sienne Crossing again.

Duration : 0:19:21

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Non-Alcoholic Beer

0 Non Alcoholic BeerNothing gets the blood pumping into Rage Mode quite like the smooth crisp taste of non-alcoholic beer. Or, for that matter, beer. Beer triggers Rage Mode pretty easily too.

Duration : 0:0:9

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[600 Sub Special] Spingebill’s Terrifying Conflicts and LSD Overdose

0 [600 Sub Special] Spingebills Terrifying Conflicts and LSD OverdoseMy entry for therockmannumber1′s Spingebill collab and for theadventuretimefan’s Regular Show collab. Only the parts necessary to the collab will be entered. Thanks for 600 subs. I was honestly just testing my visual skills in this one, and my first time experimenting with a Regular Show YTP.

Spongebob episodes used:
Krab Borg
Patty Hype
Krusty Krab Training Video
Fear of a Krabby Patty
WhoBob WhatPants
Imitation Krabs
Dying for Pie
All That Glitters
The Secret Box
Just One Bite
Fools in April
The Squeaky Boots
Krusty Love
Sailor Mouth
Spongebob Meets the Strangler
I Heart Dancing
No Weenies Allowed
Ghost Host
Chocolate with Nuts
Big Pink Loser
Jellyfish Jam

As far as I know on the Regular Show episodes used… I used “It’s Time” and “Ello Gov’na”

Duration : 0:6:37

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Sylvester Stallone’s oldest son Sage Stallone dies of a drug overdose – he was 36 (my response)

0 Sylvester Stallones oldest son Sage Stallone dies of a drug overdose   he was 36 (my response)(my response) Sage Moonblood Stallone, the 36-year-old son of Sylvester Stallone who starred alongside his father in “Rocky V,” was found dead in his Hollywood apartment on Friday. The New York Post confirmed his passing with his attorney George Braunstein. Sources tell The Post that he likely died of an overdose of pills, and that a representative of the LAPD stated, “There is no suspicion of foul play or criminal activity.”

Sage Stallone was Sylvester Stallone’s eldest son from his first marriage to Sasha Czack (they divorced in 1985). Sage is survived by his brother Seargeoh, and his three half-sisters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet.

Sage made his film debut playing Robert Balboa, Rocky’s son, in 1990′s “Rocky V” when he was 14 years old. The film was both a critical and financial disappointment, with Sylvester Stallone telling The Sun in 2010 that the reason he made the sequel was “I’m greedy — what can I tell you… It was a mistake because the audience didn’t want to see the downside of the character. They wanted him to remain on top.”

Sage also appeared with his father in 1996′s “Daylight,” but that year also saw him give up acting to be one of the co-founders of Grindhouse Releasing. Along with his partner, Oscar-winning film editor Bob Murawski, Sage Stallone’s company restored and re-released forgotten exploitation films from the 1970s and ’80s. Grindhouse Releasing partnered with Quentin Tarantino to bring Lucio Fulci’s horror film “The Beyond” to screens in 2010.

Reportedly, Sage turned down the chance to reprise his role of Rocky’s son in 2006′s “Rocky Balboa” to focus on his burgeoning career and a director and producer. The character was played in the sixth film by Milo Ventimiglia (TV’s “Heroes”).

Sylvester Stallone has not yet released a comment. Just yesterday the elder Stallone appeared at Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA to promote his upcoming action film “The Expendables 2.” Stallone was joined on stage by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who makes his first appearance since leaving the office as governor of California in the movie.

This is my response to video coverage of breaking news that sage stallone who is the oldest son of syvester stallone has died at the age of 36. It appears that it was due to a pill overdose.

Note: This is a response video. I very clearly indicated in the title that this is my response to the topic. I am following all the rules in the YouTube community guidelines. No copyright material was used in this video

Duration : 0:1:18

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Jindagi yo dui dinko my brother

0 Jindagi yo dui dinko   my brotheronlinekhabar, yo, dui, dinko, my, brotherJindagi yo dui dinko my brother

Duration : 0:4:6

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0 NEW ORIGINAL SONG (DIARY OF A DRUG ADDICT) THE SMURFBERRY CLANSong about the Diary of a drug addict.There are many good songwriters out there.I mainly study The Beatles but this song came about after studying the song structures or being influenced by lyrics from artists and songs like Pink Floyd,s Comfortably Numb,Phil Collins another day in paradise (In fact he has influenced a few of my songs) Johnny Cash version of Nine inch nails Hurt and always the Beatles for Melody’s.Enjoy and a new song will be up soon.I have loads ready.I just really hate recording them.I only enjoy the songwriting part.

Duration : 0:4:30

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