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Supplements and Research

0 Supplements and ResearchSupplements are a great way to fill the gaps of your diet that may lack the necessary nutrients for a healthy life. Unfortunately, there are many poorly conducted studies and research that tries to disprove the benefits of supplements. Dr. Weil discusses supplements and disproves the negative press they receive.

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BRAND’S recalls multi vitamins – 27May2011

0 BRANDS recalls multi vitamins   27May2011SINGAPORE: BRAND’s is voluntarily recalling all batches of its Alpha Tank Chewable Multi Vitamins & Minerals.

This is in light of the recent notification by the Taiwan Department of Health last week regarding the use of a non-permitted ingredient in the manufacture of food additives.

BRAND’S has been advised that DEHP, which is not an approved food ingredient was found in raw materials purchased by Cerebos Taiwan’s OEM manufacturer, Prince Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

So, it has decided to take the precautionary measure.

No other BRAND’S products distributed in Singapore are affected.

Consumers should stop taking the product and those who have purchased or have in their possession BRAND’S Alpha Tank Chewable Multi Vitamins & Minerals are advised to exchange them, opened or unopened, for a full refund.

Consumers can call BRAND’s Customer Care Line at 1800-7324748 or visit its website at for more details.

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Whole Body Detoxification Supplement – Detox Your Liver & Much More!

2 Whole Body Detoxification Supplement   Detox Your Liver & Much More!Detoxify Your WHOLE Body, Liver, Lymph & Kidneys!

pHion Whole Body Detoxification helps to eliminate bacteria, yeast and fungi – as
well as the mycotoxins, exotoxins and endotoxins they produce – throughout your
WHOLE body.

If your body is acidic, your system is the perfect terrain for microforms such as bacteria, yeasts and fungi to grow.
These damaging organisms flourish in the low oxygen levels that come with an acidic system. Worse yet, they secrete their own
acidic and toxic waste products, which bring your pH down even lower.

Worse yet, they secrete their own acid and waste products, which bring you pH down even lower, kidneys and lymphatic system
a detox tune-up.

Eliminates yeast, fungi and bacteria. pHion Whole Body Detoxification contains a comprehensive blend of herbal extracts and dietary ingredients that kill yeast, fungi and harmful organisms.

Eliminates mycotoxins, endotoxins and exotoxins. Not only does pHion Whole Body Detoxification eliminate microforms from your system, it also rids your body of the toxins they secrete.

Helps restore pH. Because microforms secrete acid waste products, getting rid of them with pHion Whole Body Detoxification naturally boosts your pH.

Detoxifies the liver, lymph and kidneys. Finally, pHion Whole Body Detoxification neutralizes and eliminates toxins in the liver, lymph and kidneys, so all your detoxification pathways will be working at peak performance.

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Recall of Zencore Plus

2 Recall of Zencore PlusBodee LLC is recalling its supplement product called Zencore Plus after FDA laboratory analysis showed that the product contains benzamidenafil. This is a newly discovered PDE5 inhibitor that is likely to have the same pharmacologic properties as sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil, which have been approved by FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

A person taking organic nitrates who also took Zencore Plus could experience a sudden and profound drop in blood pressure, which would pose a significant health risk.

Zencore Plus capsules, which were supplied by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, have been sold in health food stores, by mail order and on the internet. People who have this product should stop using it immediately. For more information, contact Bodee LLC at 1-800-935-0296.

FDA Patient Safety News: June 2009

For more information, please see our website:

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Weight-Loss Products Illegally Spiked With Prescription Drugs

2 Weight Loss Products Illegally Spiked With Prescription DrugsAt least 72 weight-loss products have been found by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to contain prescription drugs, including four drugs not approved by the FDA for sale in the U.S.

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