Big gay johns life in a nutshell,VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

0 Big gay johns life in a nutshell,VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISEDAs i have got quite a lot of new subscribers i thought i would give you a look at my life. I hope you enjoy but it is brutal truth..

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  • SpannersGerm669 says:

    I have Severe Major …
    I have Severe Major Depression and a crippling anxiety disorder. I am suicidal and ladt year i was anxious to leave the house. Now today, i have been in Argentina for two weeks … I decided that things only get better when you pus yourself. You survived the car accident for a reason John. If you werent supposed to go on and better yourself, your life would have ended on the traumatic day.

  • BigGayJohn hosie says:

    Well it is for …
    Well it is for people that have just subscribed that don’t know me i believe no hidden agendas

  • BigGayJohn hosie says:

    thanks trev..Your a …
    thanks trev..Your a good bloke and heres to the next time we have a beer

  • TradieSays says:

    Your vlog is the …
    Your vlog is the ideology of the video diary, even if you do waffle on a bit… There are very few people that are up right and honest about things in their lives, I’ll give ya that.

    Watch occasionally you’ve always got something to say, some might tune out and stereotype. Couldn’t care less personally, I’ve meet you and shook your hand.
    - Trev

  • Cat Riley says:

    This is an …
    This is an excellent video John. I hope it reaches a lot of people. Your brutal honesty will help someone out there for sure.

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