hiv positive man graphic story on his addictions.Warning Adult Content

0 hiv positive man graphic story on his addictions.Warning Adult ContentThrew my life i have had a few addictions that have nearly killed me and it is time that you knew about them.
I again do this to educate and also it helps with my past to make myself feel better.I hope you enjoy as i am brutelly honest

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5 Responses to “hiv positive man graphic story on his addictions.Warning Adult Content”

  • saidtheredhead8 says:

    Duromine is the …
    Duromine is the pharmaceutical speed. I’ve taken it when I was in my early 20′s and my behaviour was just ludicrous. It was prescribed by a doctor who said that the side effects were “mild” and that they would pass in time. RIGHT. I was lucky to be able to stop them before I became dependent on them.

  • CaliDude1984 says:

    I love his shirt! : …
    I love his shirt! :D hehe

    As for addictions… I have had a couple.. pain pills and food… thankfully I got over pain pills, but I am still addicted to food. My lovely boyfriend is helping so much get over this, and start living a healthy life style, but it’s hard.
    Very good story and video today. Thank u for sharing. Sex addiction is one that a lot of people don’t talk much about.
    mum has a gambling addiction too. It sux cuz we have so many casinos here :( hope she can get over it.

  • hivman1000 says:

    Yes addiction is …
    Yes addiction is not fun.It is great your boyfriend is helping you and gambling is the pits, but keep loving here…Sex addiction is becoming more and more known, and i am glad i have it controlled as it was killing as much as any other addiciton


    pff gay
    pff gay

  • hivman1000 says:

    Thank you for that …
    Thank you for that name..My sister is on it and lost over 20 kilo and she is on it..Talks fast,, it is and her personality almost gets violent…Great to hear from you lovely lady…Cant wait to meet you,,, by the way where them pics of you and that son of yours lloking forward to seeing them. xxxx

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