Dope – Addiction (Featuring Zakk Wylde) [720p HD]

0 Dope   Addiction (Featuring Zakk Wylde) [720p HD]Dope’s “Addiction” from the new Album “No Regrets” in High Sound Quality!

Duration : 0:2:44

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18 Responses to “Dope – Addiction (Featuring Zakk Wylde) [720p HD]”

  • belkram5 says:

    Anyway, great song( …
    Anyway, great song(s)! :D

  • claptonandslash4life says:

    nice quality 5 …
    nice quality 5 stars :D

  • destructiondragon878 says:

    zakk wylde at his …
    zakk wylde at his best :D
    he should just play for dope

  • eichhoernchen12 says:

    no, its not just …
    no, its not just you ^^ i uploaded it that way because of this. the bitrate is just higher, thats all.

    @posting: Np, Np

  • wtfnooob says:

    Is it just me or …
    Is it just me or does this song sound WAY better in HD? I can hear when I switch from normal quality. The crashes are much more prominent in High Def. Which, as a drummer, I appreciate very much. 5 stars man, thanks for posting this. =)

  • XxSamantha13xX says:

    shes like cocain, …
    shes like cocain, heroin, alchol and vicadin shes my addiction.
    lol nice lyrics

  • erniethefreeze says:


  • GaaraxXxShizuka4ever says:

    I can so mosh to …
    I can so mosh to this!!!!!!!! I flippin’ love this song!

  • G0vnah says:

    One word:
    AWESOME! …

    One word:
    \m/ \m/

  • Khaosreign says:

    Sounds a lot better …
    Sounds a lot better to me as well.
    Which is why I always play it in HD. :D

  • SynysterRev7X says:

    @XxSamantha13xX If …
    @XxSamantha13xX If you could spell them right XD

  • sitch43 says:


  • danixcalifornia15 says:

    Fucking awesome …
    awesome song! Thanks for the HD upload.

  • waliterrr says:

    thats …

    thats why it is called hd..

  • greenyeyes77 says:

    zakk makes this song
    zakk makes this song

  • kirys96 says:


  • TheBigpimping09 says:

    This is a bad …
    This is a bad song they rock!!!!!!!!

  • belkram5 says:

    I’ve listened to …
    I’ve listened to the Playlist now, and haven’t you missed: My Funeral?


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