Teen girl talks about Vicodin problems

0 Teen girl talks about Vicodin problemsEx teen addict talks about her Vicodin habit and the negative side effects of using the drug. To hear more stories like this go to http://www.drughelpdesk.com

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3 Responses to “Teen girl talks about Vicodin problems”

  • troydeancarpenter says:

    Taking her mother’s …
    Taking her mother’s pain meds so she can get high, meanwhile leaving her mother to be in pain… And the only comments I see on here is she’s hot.. If I were you guys I would jump at that chance… She looks like a real catch. pfft

  • brandocommando33 says:

    shes hot as …
    shes hot as haha

  • texasraised873 says:

    shes hot
    shes hot

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